Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer Term In The Library

Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed the week off.
Like the Spring Term, data has been collected from the Junior Librarian software that the children use to scan their books in and out of the library. Here is what we found out...
During the six weeks, before the holiday, 393 books were borrowed from the library. The most popular author was Jeremy Strong, his book BATPANTS proved very popular and was borrowed seven times! 
The books that have been the most popular across each term will have a Broadford Award on the front, like the one below. Take a look next time you visit.
Our top 10 readers, who have borrowed the most books are, Jaseem Miah, Samson Wright, Kieran Dash, Daniel Oluokun, Tommy Overton, Ben Green, Emma Groom, George White, Evan Andrews and Kie Allen!
Competitions and Challenges
The Night Zoo Keeper Reading Torch will continue, so far nine pupils have completed the challenge. You can find out more here or pick up a reading torch from the library.
The Broadford Big Read is still available for Key Stage 2 to take part in, and has now been adapted for Key Stage 1! I had a few requests from pupils in Cedar to create a Broadford Big Read for them too. Instead of six challenges, there are four. Like the KS2 one, they have to complete all the challenges to earn a Bronze Certificate, complete the challenges again for a Silver Certificate and once more to earn a Gold Certificate. Pupils will be informed of the reading challenge when they visit in their groups.
The Returning Books Raffle starts again today. Each pupil that returns their library book has their name posted in their class post box, then at the end of the term a winner is selected from each class. Before the holiday there was a total of 151 book returns!

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