Thursday, 20 June 2013

New In - Book Requests From Key Stage 2

There have been a few book requests lately from pupils in Key Stage 2.
Having read 'I'm Not A Loser' and the first 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid', Donovan Wright asked for some more funny books. I picked up a copy of Roderick Rules;

 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules chronicles Greg attempts to navigate the hazards of middle school, impress the girls, steer clear of the school talent show, and most important, keep his secret safe.

As well as Gangsta Granny and Billionaire Boy;

Ben is 11, an only child and a poor reader, whose ambition is to be a plumber. Every Friday he visits his Granny, while his parents go to watch ballroom dancing, and he hates those dull, smelly, cabbage-dominated evenings. Then he discovers that his Granny isn’t quite what she seems, and life takes a dramatic turn for the better.

Having started from humble origins, Joe’s father is now a billionaire, and Joe has everything he wants, except true friends. To remedy this he enrols at the local comprehensive school, where he learns the hard way that you can’t buy them, and that family and friends are more important than any possessions.

I also had a request from Junior Makina for the next book in the Dark Lord series, he has really enjoyed the first book.

Sooz, a 13 yr old girl from Surrey has become the Dark Mistress of Dirk's otherworldly kingdom, the Darklands. Thanks to the Ring of Power given to her by Dirk, his minions recognise her as their ruler.

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