Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Challenge Of The Week - Name That Book!

Use the clues to help you name the titles of these books. Good luck!
Fairyland is home to seven colourful sisters. Together, they are the Rainbow Fairies! They keep Fairyland dazzling and bright. But when evil Jack Frost sends them far away, the sisters are in big trouble. If they don't return soon, Fairyland is doomed to be grey forever!

Eddie takes care of his uncle's pet for the week while he is off on holiday. This isn't an ordinary pet as Eddie finds out, this one eats fridges and pet rabbits! Events spiral out of control and poor Eddie is desperate for his uncle to return.

From the author of Gangsta Granny and Mr Stink, this is a story about a young boy who is born into a very wealthy family. After realising he can't buy his friends he learns that family and friends are more important than any possessions.

Harry loves Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, especially after the misery of life with his ghastly aunt and uncle. He excels at his craft and his new-found skills unravel some of the mysteries of his own past... and a few surrounding his teachers.

Years ago, a boy transformed the gloomy grey concrete of the neighbourhood with his fabulous shapes and colours . . . until, without warning, he vanished. Most of the scribbles were destroyed and only the his Fan Club kept his legend alive. Then, one night, a strange figure is seen and a mysterious voice heard . . .

1. Ruby The Red Fairy, 2. The Dragonsitter, 3. Billionaire Boy, 4. Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, 5. Scribbleboy

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