Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Invent A Spell Competition Winners

This term pupils have been busy creating spells. We have had more than 70 entries!

We are pleased to announce our winning entry was created by Gracee-May Coble. Read her festive spell below...

A Christmas Spell
By Gracee-May Coble
Cast your spell by saying:
Mix some berries and make sure you’re merry! Add some holly, but you must be jolly!
This spell will sure make you happy in the Christmas season! You must add plenty of angel dust to your holly and berries!

Our runners-up are Victoria Pawlak and Ranita Ariyibi.

Rainbow Snow
By Victoria Pawlak
Cast your spell by saying:
Rainbow Snow Abracadabra!
This magical spell makes rainbow flowers fall from the sky like snowflakes.

The Universe
By Ranita Ariyibi
Cast your spell by saying:
Calling Heaven, Earth, water and fire, give me what I want, what I most desire!
Cast this spell and a pen will appear. Use this pen to draw whatever your heart desires, for it will magically come alive!

Well done to all those who entered.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Breakfast Club: Santa's Breakfast Is Served!

We had lots of festive fun at Breakfast Club this morning!

Over the last couple of weeks, the pupils who join us for breakfast have been busy creating a variety of Christmas crafts. To celebrate all their efforts, we ran a competition, asking children to design a delicious breakfast suitable for Santa.

 Our winning entry by Daniel Tonu was served this morning to more than 30 hungry children! On the menu was hot chocolates with cream, marshmallows and sprinkles, as well as reindeer toast, eggs and bacon.

At the end of Breakfast Club, the children who took part in creating calendars, reindeer food, letters for Santa, Gingerbread tree decorations, cards and beards for Santa were able to take their goody bags home. And of course, everyone was treated to chocolate coins!

Next week in Breakfast Club we will be decorating Gingerbread Men. The children will have their photos taken with their finished tasty treat and on Wednesday we will choose our two favourite creations - the winners will receive a certificate and selection box each.
We look forward to seeing you bright and early on Monday morning!

Monday, 11 December 2017

Year 5 Spinebreakers Visit Waterstones

Last week our Year 5 Spinebreakers visited Waterstones in Romford to purchase some new books for our school library. During their visit they were met by the Year 2 Spinebreakers from Mead and enjoyed hot chocolates and festive cakes in Costa.

Here are our Spinebreakers back at school and showing off the books they chose...

Courtney added to our collection of 'Little People, Big Dreams', with the story of Rosa Parks' life. She also picked a Jacqueline Wilson book to get us in the mood for Christmas. 

Weronika's two choices were Enid Blyton's, The Wishing Chair Collection, and Winter Magic.

Ranita is a regular visitor to the library and enjoys a story to really get her teeth into! She chose David Baddiel's The Person Controller and a story to make you laugh - Simply the Quest.

Sasha added to our collection of Barry Loser books with the latest story, 'The Case of The Crumpled Carton'. Along with that, he picked 'The Trials of Apollo', which he was very excited about reading!

Ellis purchased a shorter tale by Guy Bass, 'Stitch Head', and a Ciaran Murtagh funny book 'Prom King, The Fincredible Diary'.

Gavin is a fan of Rick Riordan's books, so he chose two; Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer and The Kane Chronicles, The Throne of Fire.

Harry Potter Course - Ravenclaw Round

The members of the Harry Potter Course visited Mead on Thursday 7th December 2017 to take part in the second round of the competition. This time they were joined by new member Jameel Ore. Like the last quiz, they were separated into their teams:

Gryffindor: Timi-David, Ramone and Eryia
Hufflepuff: Amelia, Sonia and Simran
Ravenclaw: Naleli and Aaliyah
Slytherin: Fayo, Tyler and Jameel

This round saw the pupils competing for the Ravenclaw badge. Their afternoon was broken down into five mini quizzes. Testing their knowledge of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

For each mini round, the groups could earn points; the quicker they completed the tasks, and the more questions they answered correctly, the more points they received. At the end of the quiz all the points were collected and counted - and the scores were...

Character Names
Character Puzzles
Film 1 Quiz
Scene Ordering
Total Points:

Simran, Amelia and Sonia were the winners, along with their Mead team. They received the Ravenclaw House badges! Well done to all the pupils who took part. The next Harry Potter afternoon will take place on Thursday 8th February 2018.

KS1 Returning Books Raffle Winners Announced

The four lucky winners of this term's raffle have been chosen and they are...

Aaliyah Theodore, Augustus Baradinskas, Madalina Luca and Riley Twum-Ampofo!

They will each visit the library this week and choose a book that they would like to receive as a prize. Well done to all those who remembered to return their books weekly. If you don't have a book at home, or have lost your library book please see Mrs McFarlane in the library so you have a story for over the Christmas break.

Premier Reading League Winners Announced!

Congratualtions to The Superstars!!
With a total of 555 points, Mr White and his team; Ameerah Bashir, Ella Lockhart, Florence Ayres, Summer Wingrove, Laicey McGeoghan and Dorrie Lewis, are the winners of the Autumn Term Premier Reading League! The last few days of the competition were very tense, with the top three teams fighting their way to the top of the league! As a reward for their reading efforts, they have been given the choice of places they would like to visit - last term's winners visited Kidspace, followed by lunch at Kaspars in Romford.

Join next term's Premier Reading League.
Start creating your new teams now, ready for the Spring Term competition in January. Like last time, your team will be made up of seven members - one to be an adult team mascot. However, unlike any league before, you will need five KS2 pupils in your team and one KS1 pupil. If you get stuck on who to choose from KS1, Mrs McFarlane, or your team mascot, will be on hand to help you. The league will run from Monday 8th January, until Friday 16th March 2017.

Don't forget to pick up a sign-up sheet from the library today!

Breakfast Club: Design A Breakfast For Santa Competition Winner

Congratulations to Daniel Tonu! He is the winner of the 'Design a Breakfast For Santa' competition. The pupils in Breakfast Club were set the task of creating a delicious breakfast suitable for Santa after he has delivered presents to all the good girls and boys.

Daniel decided a tasty hot chocolate would be perfect after a chilly night of travelling the world. To go with his hot beverage, Daniel chose a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon and toast. This breakfast will served on Friday during Breakfast Club for £1.50 (payment will be taken through sQuid).

As a reward Daniel received a selection box, certificate and will be given his breakfast free on Friday - well done Daniel!

Michelle will be arriving early on Friday to prepare special reindeer toast and Christmas tree fried eggs. If you will be joining us on Friday please let us know so we have a rough idea of how many children we will be expecting. Thank you.

Harry Potter Create A Spell Competition

Enter our spell-creating competition to earn a certificate and be in with the chance of winning some magical Harry Potter prizes. More than 60 pupils have entered already!

Closing date for entries is Thursday 14th December 2017. The winner will be announced in Friday's E for Excellence assembly. Entry forms can be collected from the Library.

Here are some of the spells created by Broadford's pupils so far...

Tran To Sa
By Fayo Ayodola
Cast your spell by saying:
Le Calios De Vosa
Cast this spell and your enemy will turn into a feather and then vanish into a puff of smoke!

By Diya Patel
Cast your spell by saying:
Alakaza, alakazoo make my wishes come true by granting a robot.
You can magic up a robot who is very intelligent and ask him questions for school, homework, life and tell him what to do.

Rainbow Snow
By Victoria Pawlak
Cast your spell by saying:
Rainbow Snow Abracadabra!
This magical spell makes rainbow flowers fall from the sky like snowflakes.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Hot Chocolates At Breakfast Club!

Children from across the school joined us in Breakfast Club this morning for some winter-warming Hot Chocolates...