Monday, 31 March 2014

Take Part In Broadford's Readathon - Sign Up Ready For The Summer Term!

We are taking part in Readathon from Monday 28th April until Friday 9th May 2014 and we'd like pupils from all years to take part!
Readathon is the UK'S national sponsored reading event, encouraging children to read for pleasure, while raising money for seriously ill children. Readathon supports three children's charities: Readwell, which provides books and storytelling to children in hospital; CLIC Sargent, giving support to children and young people with cancer and their families; and Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity, which helps seriously ill and disabled children.
We received our pack in the post last week, which included bookmarks and sponsor cards for 30 pupils (we can request more if needed) and a free copy of The Sunday Times bestseller, The Book Thief!
Everyone who takes part will be rewarded with a certificate and the two top readers will receive a £5 book token each. Plus our school will get free books worth 20% of the total money we raise! 
Spinebreakers Kingsley, Lilly, Yinka and Dara will be making a list of children who would like to take part, so if you see them in the playground with their sign-up sheet please sign up then or let Miss Sparkes know the next time you visit. You will receive your bookmark and sponsor sheet on Monday
Tuesday 22nd April 2014. Good luck!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Premier Reading League - Winners Announced!

With the chance to win tickets for an upcoming West Ham game against Crystal Palace, pupils in Key Stage 2 were keen on collecting points for reading and reviewing books. There was 12 tickets up for grabs, 10 for the two top teams and two extra tickets for the two individuals who earned the most points (whose teams were not in the top two). The 12 winners were announced today.

The top team with 799 points were Premier Dominations. The team members, Harry, Kingsley, Raheem, Jaseem and Prince were determined to win this league after their win last time! In second place were Yinka, Fletcher, Jack, Toby and Fawaz, who made up the team, Honey Pops FC. They hit the ground running when the competition started, staying at the top of the league for the first two weeks. The two extra tickets went to Endurance who earned 129 points and Samson with 116.

Check out the league tables showing the ten teams with the most points and the top readers...


Here are the winning pupils receiving their certificates in assembly...

The winners are looking forward to their trip - hopefully it will be an exciting game! The Premier Reading League will return in the Summer Term and will run for eight weeks. Teams will be earning points, aiming to win tickets for a stadium tour!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wrestle Mania Reading Challenge - Key Stage 1 Update

Calling all Key Stage 2 pupils...
You have until Friday next week to enter the Wrestle Mania Reading Challenge!
To enter, you need to begin by reading three books (comics and magazines are fine too) you then need to choose your favourite and convince a WWE Superstar or Diva that they HAVE to read it by writing a persuasive letter no more than 500 words or performing a winning speech no longer than one minute long.
The judges are looking for high quality entries that are original, creative, clear, consider their audience and make use of persuasive language. Entries will be judged in two categories, primary and secondary. One lucky winner from each category will receive:
- A money-can’t-buy experience at a WWE Live Wrestle Mania Revenge Tour event in May 2014.
- A WWE merchandise pack
- £50 book voucher
3 runners up in each category will also win a WWE merchandise pack.
Key Stage 1 can take part too...
We will be giving Key Stage 1 pupils the chance to win some WWE goodies too! To enter, you can either write to your favourite WWE Superstar or visit the library and record a short speech. There is no minimum or maximum of words used in your letters.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Big Reading Adventure - Part Five - Mr Tickle

Well done to all that have reached this far, this is the last instalment in the Big Reading Adventure!
Part Five - Mr Tickle
Read all about Mr Tickle's day here and create your own Mr Tickle ruler! And that's it! You've completed the Big Reading Adventure! You can now print of your Mr Men and Little Miss certificate here and enter the prize draw at home by clicking on the link below and entering your details, there are lots of prizes up for grabs, including a years subscription to the Mr Men and Little Miss magazine, as well as a £50 book voucher! If you have missed a story then click on the label, Mr Men and Little Miss Reading Adventure, on the right-hand side. Good luck.
As a extra bit of fun, here are some Mr Men masks and puppets to make at home...

Monday, 24 March 2014

Beast Quest and Rainbow Magic Reading Challenge Coming Soon!

The National Literacy Trust have announced their latest reading challenge!
When we return in the summer term we will be taking part in the Beast Quest and Rainbow Magic reading challenge that is aimed at both Key Stage one and two. For those children who take part, they will go on a journey through the world of Rainbow Magic's Rainspell Island or Beast Quest's Avantia. They will travel around their chosen world collecting points for time spent reading. To complete the task, children must read all of the books in the first Rainbow Magic series or all of the books in the first Beast Quest series.
We have ordered in two lots of each series which will be available to borrow once the challenge begins. For this challenge we ask that the children who wish to take part create a group of no more than 8. We will encourage pupils to get into mixed groups, with pupils from Keys Stage one and two. They will then be given a reading pack, which will include the book they are reading, a group reading log, a reading map and a club member card for each pupil. There will be a leader for each group who will be in charge of their reading pack; this pack can then be taken out with them during lunchtimes for them to complete.

Click on the images below to visit the Rainbow Magic and Beast Quest websites to find out more about the characters, play games, and complete the activities available.

Each child who reads their way to the end of their epic journey will receive a certificate and be entered into a national prize draw. Two winners (chosen at random) will receive:
- An eReader
- Book vouchers
- Rainbow Magic or Beast Quest merchandise
- A visit to their school from a Rainbow Fairy from the Rainbow Magic series or Wizard Aduro and Nanook from the Beast Quest series

Friday, 21 March 2014

Super Reader - Yinka Reads The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs

Here we have Yinka reading The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. This story by Jon Scieszka is on the list of 100 books every child should read before they're 14. I am sure you will agree Yinka tells the story very well!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Readathon Reading Chains

Readathon have created a fun reading chain resource that we will be using in our library. Begin by picking up a Reading Chain starter sheet and make a note of the book you have read with the title and author. Next, fill in the mini review section, include your name, what you liked about the book, whether you would recommend it and give it a mark out of five. Then, pass the sheet and book on to a friend for them to complete the next mini review. Keep the chain going by passing the book on for others to read! I look forward to seeing what book will have the longest chain!
Check out the reading chain here...
Reading chains have already started for Horrid Henry's Underpants, Frankie's Magic Football and the Crew, Skellig, Cool and Horrid Henry's Nits. Take a look next time you visit.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Big Reading Adventure - Part Four - Little Miss Sunshine

Part Four - Little Miss Sunshine
Last week, years one and two were busy decorating Mr Happy's table with delicious party food! Here, in the fourth part, is Little Miss Sunshine who helps to turn Miseryland into Laughterland...
Once you've heard the story you can create a beautiful crown!
Look out for Mr Tickle in the final part of the reading adventure next Tuesday.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Premier Reading League - Player Of The Week - 10

Yinka is determined to keep his team, The Honey Pops, second in the league by collecting an extra 27 points, making him Player of the Week. Last week Yinka set himself a target to collect 100 points before the competition ends, he passed that target on Friday when his total reached 107 points! Well done Yinka, keep up the hard work! 
All teams will be removed from the league table on Friday and for the last week the pupils taking part will be collecting their points in secret. The two top teams will win tickets to watch West Ham's game against Crystal Palace on Saturday 19th April 2014, along with two extra pupils who have earned the most points overall.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Super Readers - Lacey Reads 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?'

Nursery pupil, Lacey, visited the library yesterday to read one of her favourite stories, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Fantastic story-telling Lacey!

 Quiz yourself...

 1. What did the red bird see?

2. What did the blue horse see?

3. What did the purple cat see?

4. What did the black sheep see?

5. Who was looking at the children?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

New Books And Signed Petr Horacek Books For Sale!

We have been kindly donated a large selection of books for our school library! The books were passed on to us by a parent of an ex-pupil. There is something for everyone!
We have some brand new Horrible History, Horrible Science and Horrible Geography books. As well as a huge pile of Dead Famous books and some from the Knowledge series covering a range of topics!
There are new titles for our KS1 area, including Hairy Maclary's Bone, Father Christmas, Clifford the Big Red Dog, One Snowy Night, Duck in the Truck and Dinosaurs in Underpants.
Finally, the donation included a great selection of books that have been put aside for our Read At Home books for KS1. They include a series of  Disney stories, Nick Junior and Winnie the Pooh books. Children in KS1 will be able to bring these books home to read.
On Friday, Petr Horacek visited key stage one and shared some of the books he has created.
We still have 25 signed copies of his books for sale; 5 of each of the following...
Puffin Peter
What happens when Peter's best friend Paul goes missing? He goes to the ends of the earth to find him, of course!
My Elephant
He's fun. He's big. He's messy. He's ELEPHANT. And he's never too busy to play.
A New House for Mouse
How can Mouse fit a huge apple into her tiny home? By finding a new house, of course! Peep through the holes of the book to join her on her search.
Look Out, Suzy Goose
Suzy Goose has gone for a walk in the woods. But she's not alone. Who's following her into the trees?
Silly Suzy Goose
Ever wanted to be different? Suzy Goose has - she squawks like a toucan, swims like a seal and jumps like a kangaroo. But when she tries to roar like a lion, she gets more than she bargained for!
You can buy the books from the library.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Challenge Of The Week - One For The Girls

Calling all girls! Can you name the titles of these popular books? Answers are at the bottom of the post.
1. Rachel Renee Russell has created a series of books, following the not-so-fabulous life of Nikki Maxwell. 
2. The Little Princess only wants one thing, but can you guess what? 
3. Enid  Blyton's famous character, Amelia, is up to no good again!
4. Jacqueline Wilson and Lydia Monks create a talented mermaid who is persuaded to join the circus.
5. Floss’s parents split up when she was younger and she now divides up her week, spending five days with her mum, her mum’s new boyfriend and her new baby half-brother. 
1. Dork Diaires, 2. I Want My Mum, 3. Amelia Jane Is Naughty Again!, 4. The Singing Mermaid, 5. Candyfloss

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Big Reading Adventure - Part Three - Mr Happy

Part Three - Mr Happy
I hope your children in years one and two have been sharing their Mr Men and Little Miss stories with you at home. This week we have started to hear the story of Mr Happy and his birthday celebrations! You can read the story and complete the activity here. Don't forget to mark your chart once you're done.

Look out for the story of Little Miss Sunshine next Tuesday.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Premier Reading League - Play Of The Week - 9 and World Cup News!

Congratulations to Raheem who is Player of the Week for the second time this time round. He has earned his team 15 points this week, taking their score up to 676!
Last week we were asked to take part in the upcoming World Cup reading challenge - Love Football: Love Reading 2014. The challenge will include special World Cup stories, writing challenges and a poster featuring a collection of football cards, one for each World Cup team. Unlike regular football cards, these cards will feature children from UK schools who have a connection to one of the 32 World Cup nations!
Our pupils from KS2 have the opportunity to feature on the football poster! To enter, simply have a photo of yourself taken in the library, it couldn't be easier! We can enter as many pupils as we wish. One child with a connection to each World Cup nation will be chosen at random - fingers crossed it's a pupil from Broadford!
If we submit a pupil's photo we will also be entered into a prize draw to win a school visit from Tom Palmer during the World Cup period! 
The closing date is Tuesday 18th March 2014, so hurry!
Here is the list of the World Cup teams:
Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cote d'Ivoire, Croatia, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Honduras, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kore Republic, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay and USA.

Friday, 7 March 2014

An Afternoon With Malorie Blackman

Yesterday, Kieran, Tyler, Toby, Gariella and Ruby visited Waterstones, Piccadilly - the largest book store in Europe - where they met Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman and writer of teen books, James Dawson.

Malorie began by announcing the top ten books in the 'Writes of Passage', 50 books that will change your life and keep you reading. You can find the full list here… 
This was followed by a reading from her book, Noughts and Crosses. 

Next was a question and answer session. Toby was chosen from the audience to ask his question, take a look…

Finally, we all chose a book from Malorie's collection to have signed. We have an area in the library dedicated to Malorie and her books, it's above the Free Reader books, take a look next time you visit!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day 2014!
This year you can exchange your World Book Day tokens for one of the following books...

Hello, Hugless Douglas!Little Book Day Parade
Barry Loser: I Am <strike>Not</strike> Nit a LoserFun with the Worst Witch
The Midnight Picnic: A Laura Marlin MysteryHorrible Histories: Terrible Trenches
Middle School: How I Got Lost in LondonJack Pepper
The Boy in the SmokeRock War: The Audition

Visit the World Book Day website, where you will find the Story Craft videos from popular authors, giving you top tips on how to improve your writing. You will also discover a large selection of children's authors and stars sharing some of their favourite books; and not forgetting the long list of competitions and games!

colour logo no strap
You can enter the Reading Chest competition, where you can win a Bronze Membership for the year, for your child. It could not be easier to enter, simply email your child’s name and age with WBD COMPETITION in the subject line to Deadline for entries is midnight on Friday 7th March 2014) To find out more about the membership visit

And finally...
To celebrate World Book Day, the Spinebreakers are holding a book sale tomorrow. The books will be on sale during lunchtime in the library and after school outside the year one classes. There will be a huge selection of books ranging in prices, from 20p to 50p! The Spinebreakers will be using the money they raise to buy prizes for future reading challenges.
If you are stuck for a bedtime story tonight then click on the Super Readers label on the right hand side to find over 50 stories read by our Broadford pupils!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Challenge Of The Week - Quiz Yourself!

Have you read any of David Walliams' books we have on offer? YES!! Then take a David Walliams' quiz by clicking on the books below. Good luck!