Friday, 21 September 2018

Get Caught Reading Winners 2018!

After receiving more than 50 photos, we can finally announce the winners of this year's popular summer competition.

Key Stage 1:
Winner: Lidia
Reading the Metro on her way home from London.


Runner-Up: Louie
Reading in a Fire Engine at Loughton Fire Station.

Key Stage 2:
Winner: Isabelle
Reading to a reindeer in the Highlands!

Runner-Up: Peter
Dressed as Peter Pan, reading to Peter Pan himself!

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Get Caught Reading Entries 2018!

A HUGE well done to all the pupils and staff who participated in this summer's Get Caught Reading challenge. Together we have travelled more than 35,000 miles - that's 13,000 more than last year! Take a look at all of the entries...

Winners have been decided and will be announced during Friday's E for Excellence assembly. We have chosen a winner and runner-up from each Key Stage.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Get Caught Reading - Amelia

Amelia was caught reading while on holiday in Egypt!

Get Caught Reading - Shajia

Shajia was caught reading while she patiently waited for her Henna to be applied, in preparation for Eid Celebrations.

Get Caught Reading - Charlie and William

Charlie has had his nose in the Beano series all summer - he has even inspired his little brother William to join in!


Get Caught Reading - Ehan

Ehan has been caught reading in his garden! Looks like he is taking a well-earned break from his superhero duties!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Get Caught Reading - Mia

Mia was caught reading on the ferry back home to England.


Get Caught Reading - Anish

Anish made the most of his eleven hour flight to Sri Lanka by enjoying a good book!

Get Caught Reading - Lottie

Here's Lottie reading a story to her new pet rabbit, Shimmer-Rose - possibly the cutest rabbit EVER!

Get Caught Reading - Sophia

Sophia was caught reading twice over the summer holidays! First she was caught enjoying a book at her favourite book shop in Frinton.

Then she was spotted reading to her Nanny's dog, Penny.

Get Caught Reading - Lidia

Lidia made the most of her journey home from London, by reading the Metro!


Get Caught Reading - Jersey

Jersey has been caught over the summer holidays reading to her pet tortoise! How cute!