Monday, 23 January 2017

Ian Whybrow To Visit Tomorrow

Author, Ian Whybrow, will be visiting Broadford tomorrow to share some of his stories with children in year 1 and 2. He will also be spending some time with our year 1 and 2 Spinebreakers, who will be asking him a few questions about his work and the stories he has created.

Find out a little more about Ian here:

Here are some of the books he has created, they are available to download on iBooks and are likely to be stocked at our local library.

Celebrating World Book Day - Create Artwork and Book Reviews For Harold Hill Library

Havering Libraries are calling on pupils from across the borough to create artwork and book reviews to display in local libraries the week before and after World Book Day. You can draw your favourite character, create a poster for a book you have read, write a short book review or design a new front cover for one of your favourite stories. All completed work needs to be handed in to Miss Sparkes by Friday 10 February in order for our Spinebreakers to make a delivery in time for World Book Day.

You can collect a template from the library.

 3 points will be rewarded to children taking part in the Premier Reading League, who share a piece of work with Harold Hill Library.

Monday, 9 January 2017

KS1 Returning Books Raffle

Please remember to bring your library books back to the library when you have finished reading them. For each book you return, your name will be entered into the KS1 Returning Books Raffle.
Four lucky winners will be pulled from the box on Friday 3 February. They will each receive a book of their choice to be awarded to them in the following E for Excellence assembly.

The Premier Reading League Has Begun!

We already have 32 children signed up for this term's Premier Reading League. In just one week they have earned more than 57 points between them!
The rules are still the same - earn one point for each book you read and three points for each review you write. You can create a team of six players (including yourself), or you may enter as an individual reader. The top team with the most points will earn a place on a sporting event trip at the end of the term. The winning team will be joined by two players who have earned the most points - they can be from a team (who haven't come first) or an individual reader.
If you would like to enter, please collect an entry slip from the library.