Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Challenge Of The Week - Complete The Book Title

The titles of the following books have some words missing, can you complete them? There are some clues to help you along the way! Good luck!

1. Tiddler The Story ______ ______
This small fish tells the tallest of tales when he is late for school, but one day he is lost in the middle of the ocean after fisherman throw him out of their fishing net. Do his school friends believe him this time? I doubt it!
2. The Pirates ______ ______
The Jolley Rogers move to Dull-On Sea, next door to Matilda, who can't wait to meet them!

3. Hugless ______
This young bear needs a BIG hug, he looks everywhere! Then he finds someone to hug in a deep dark cave... his MUM!

4. The Bad Tempered ______
This grumpy creature is in a bad mood all day, picking fights with everyone it comes across!

5. The Owl Who Was Afraid Of ______ ______
Little barn owl Plop is the same as every other baby barn owl, except for one thing - he becomes afraid at night, but what is he so scared of?

1. Tiddler The Story-Telling Fish, 2. The Pirates Next Door, 3. Hugless Douglas , 4. The Bad-Tempered Ladybird, 5. The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark

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