Thursday, 16 July 2015

Thank You Spinebreakers!

Our Spinebreakers have done an excellent job this year, they have searched for Paddington Bears across London, visited Waterstones to purchase new stock for our library, interviewed authors and illustrators, taken regular trips to Hilldene library to borrow books, created and promoted their own competitions, helped paint the book bench with artist Jenny Leonard, reviewed books using audioboom, shared an assembly... the list seems to be endless! We are very grateful for all the hard work this year!

Adam, Arya, Sydney, Paige, Emily, Ramone, Lilly and Cruz were the first Key Stage 1 Spinebreakers we have had representing our library. We have been so pleased with how well they have taken on their role! They all make regular visits to the library and are keen to discuss what they have read, and what they want to read more of, we have even seen some of them reach the 100 book target! An excellent effort made by all!

Here are a few photos from the year as Spinebreakers...




Get Caught Reading This Summer!

We will be holding the Get Caught Reading competition again this year!
All you need to do is have your photo taken whilst reading over the holidays. You can choose to hand your photo in when we return in September or share it via our school Facebook page or Twitter account. The winning photo will be chosen on Friday 11 September. The winner will receive a £10 book token, and two runners-up will receive a £5 book token each.
Take a look at some of last year's winning photos...


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Year 5/6 Spinebreakers Visit Waterstones In Romford

Our Spinebreakers from years 5/6 recently visited Waterstones in Romford to choose a selection of new books for our school library.

Albie picked up 'Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy' and Dav Pilkey's 'Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000.'

Sophie is a HUGE fan of Rachel Renee Russell's Dork Diaries series, so she was ecstatic to find the latest story in the series, 'Drama Queen.' For all you Dork Diary fan out there, with your parent's permission, you can sign up to the Dork Diaries fan club and receive up-to-date info on future book releases. Sophie also selected a book from the World of Norm series.

Razvan's first choice was two books from the Minecraft collection, but as we already have copies of those, he decided to add two new books to the Beast Quest books we currently have. The Beast Quest books have been very popular this year with boys from years 2 to 6.

Sophie's books each contained three stories each. The first book by Jacqueline Wilson contained three of her stories about Tracy Beaker. Her second choice was by the author Holly Webb and featured the stories, 'Timmy in Trouble, Harry the Homeless Puppy and Buttons the Runaway Puppy.'

Daniel chose two books that would appeal to our older readers; 'Operation Code Breaker' and 'Magisterium.'

Like Daniel, Sandra chose 'Earth Fall', a book aimed at our more able readers. Sandra's second choice was 'Tom Gates Excellent Excuses', this will be great for fans of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

Having watched both the films, Tolu decided on the stories of 'Annie' and 'Mary Poppins', these will both be great additions to the current library stock.

Thank you to all the Spinebreakers this year who have joined us on our termly visits to Waterstones where they have all made excellent book purchases!

Year 1/2 Spinebreakers Watch The Gruffalo On Stage!

On Friday, our year 1 and 2 Spinebreakers visited the Lyric theatre in London's Shaftesbury Avenue to watch the hour long play of the Gruffalo. Julia Donaldson's popular children's book was brought to life by three actors who played the roles of the mouse, fox, owl, snake and the Gruffalo.

Sitting in the fourth row from the front, Eriyia, Cruz and Lilly thought the show was hilariously funny! Their favourite character was the snake with his sparkly outfit, long moustache and brilliant dance moves! Henry enjoyed joining in with the singing and was keen to give the Gruffalo a hiding place from the not so scary mouse! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Children On The Gruffalo Trip Will Be Setting Off Early Tomorrow

If you are attending the Gruffalo trip tomorrow then please make sure you arrive at school by 8.40am. Leaving a little earlier than previously planned will give us more time if we are held up by the current tube strikes.

See you in the morning!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Aquila Magazine - Special Edition For July/August Available In The Library

July/August's edition of Aquila is now available to read in the library. The theme of this issue is 'Shipwrecks and Australia'. The special 250th issue is packed full of articles, quizzes, games and competitions, including;

- Sunken Treasure
- The Great Barrier Reef
- The Southern Sky
- Mapping Australia
- Surf Science

Find the latest copy of Aquila displayed in the corridor by the library. If there are any games or articles you would like a copy of then please ask Miss Sparkes.

Friday, 3 July 2015

New Books - RSPCA's Stories Based On Real-Life Rescues

We purchased a couple of the RSPCA's animal rescue books earlier on in the year, and due to their popularity we have ordered in more stories from the series. Titles include;

- A Snowy Robin Rescue
'Evan and Hannah have found a robin in the snow. It's not moving, and they soon realise that the tiny robin is stuck! They call the RSPCA and an inspector arrives to help. It's snowing heavily and they need to act fast.'

- The Abandoned Kitten
'The RSPCA have received some very secail patients. Three newborn kittens have been abandoned in a storm. They need urgent care, and Lily's mum - an RSPCA worker - takes hem home so she can feed hem through the night. But the smallst one is weak and struggling to eat... can Lily help the tiny tabby get better?'

- Lamb All Alone
'It's been raining for days and Ben's village has flooded. Luckily, the RSPCA are on hand to rescue the sheep near his home, Ben and his family rush to help! But not all the sheep have been herded to safety. A tiny lamb has been left behind.'

- Little Lost Hedgehog
'Grace has found a tiny hedgehog in her garden. It's lost and hungry, and needs urgent care. The RSPCA know just what to do, but they need Grace and her family to look after the hedgehog until they arrive. With time running out, can they all work together to save theis animal in need?'

- Puppy Gets Stuck
'Emily's new puppy Pickle is adorable. Then one day, Pickle goes missing, and it's too dangerous for Emily and her family to try and rescue him. This is a job for the RSPCA - but they're going to need Emily's help.'

- Little Owl Needs a Home
'Josh ahs made an unexpected discovery - four baby owls! Their home has been destroyed, and now the tiny owls have nowhere to live. The RSPCA rush to the rescue, but they know these birds belong in the wild. Can Josh help find a new home for the owls?'

New Books From Mo O'Hara - My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

In the library today we have the complete collection of Mo O'Hara's 'My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish,' each book contains two stories, titles include-

- My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish
A Frankly Shocking Tale and Rules the School!
'When Tom's big brother dunks Frankie the goldfish into toxic green gunge, Tom zaps the fish with a battery to bring him back to life! But there's something weird about the new Frankie - he's now a big fat zombie goldfish with hypnotic powers... and he's out for revenge.'

- The Seaquel
We're all going on a Zombie Holiday and To be a Zombie or not to be a Zombie, that is the Question
'When his owner Tom takes him on a trip to the seaside, he finds himself in a stand-off with a Super Zombie Eel - has the fierce fish finally met his match? In the second story, all eyes are on Frankie as he takes on a starring role in the school play.'

- Fins of Fury
Frankie goes Wild and Revenge of the Paranormal Pets
'When his owner Tom takes him camping, something fishy starts going on. Could the zombie fish finally have met his match? In story two, Frankie's been kidnapped! Can To m rescue his fishy friend before it's too late?'

- Any Fin is Possible
The Curse of the Cat of Kings and Sports Day Showdown
'Tom takes him to a museum sleepover, history really does come to life. Can Frankie avoid becoming a mummified-kitty snak? In the second story, it's sports day" Can Frankie stop Tom's evil scientist big brother and pet vampire kitten from cheating to bring home the gold?'

- Live and Let Swim
Agent Octopus-Sea and My Pet's Got Talent
'Frankie, the world's only big fat zombie goldfish, ends up swimming for his life when his owner, Tom, takes him to an aquarium. Can Frankie defeat a vampire kitten, sharks and a very hungry psychic octopus? In story two, TV show My Pet's Got Talent has come to town. But someone is stealing all the pets' amazing abilities. Can Frankie sop the thief without revealing his secret zombie skills?'