Friday, 18 October 2019

Book Blogger Of The Week - Tavia

Fantastic work Tavia, you are this week's Blogger of the Week for you brilliant review of The Huge Bag of Worries.

Don't forget, you can access My Book Blog at home. Simple visit
and follow the steps to complete your pass-code (found in your reading record).
There are hundreds of books to review. Once logged in, why not take a look at the book list and visit your local library to borrow, read and review a book?!

Hot Chocolates At Breakfast Club!

This morning, pupils in Breakfast Club started the day well with some tasty Hot Chocolates!

Year 6 Spinebreakers Visit Waterstones

Our year 6 Spinebreakers visited Waterstones to pick up some new books for the library.

Ronnie picked the latest book from the Tom Gates series; and David Walliams' The World's Worst Teachers! 

Deborah went for Alesha Dixon's latest story from the Lightning Girl collection. Her second choice was Beyond Platform 13.

David Walliams proved to be a popular choice with Aaliyah, she picked Demon Dentist and Awful Auntie.

Nathan wants to find out more about The World of Norm. He also liked to sound of My Brother is a Superhero.

All books will be available to borrow when we return after the break.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

101 Dalmatians Project - Year 3

On Monday, the last group of year 3 pupils took part in the 101 Dalmatian Creative Project. Take a look at what they got up to...

They will begin a set of new activities when we return to school after the October break. Activities will all link to the era in which the film was produced and will include, comparing the style of houses, furniture and clothing; looking at the types of vehicles used; and finding out what kept children entertained.

Last Night For The Book Fair - Book Fair Winners!

Tonight is your last chance to visit the fair. We will be open from 3pm in the new hall.

We held two raffles for those who purchased books at the fair. Those who made a purchase at the Friday and Monday fair were entered into the first raffle. And children who made a purchase on Tuesday night were entered into the second raffle. We are pleased to announce that Lenny and Megan were the lucky winners. They each received book tokens to spend at the fair. 

Monday, 14 October 2019

Join Us For The Book Fair After School Today!

The Book Fair will be held in the new hall - entrance will be open by the walkway where parents enter and exit the school. National Book Tokens can be used, and we have a raffle for all those who make a purchase!

Hope to see you later! 

Book Blogger Of The Week - Izaan

Congratulations to Izaan, who is our Book Blogger of the week! He used My Book Blog to create a brilliant review of Little Beauty by Anthony Browne.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Book Fair - Sneak Peak...

Take a sneaky peak at what's going to be available at the Book Fair this Friday!

We have books stating from as little as 2.99; featuring some of our favourite characters! With the likes of Supertato, Peppa Pig, Dog Man and Ninja-Kid, we're sure there's something for everyone!

Don't forget to bring your National Book Token along to spend.


Each pupil who makes a purchase will be entered into a raffle where they'll be in with the chance of winning book tokens to spend at the fair!

The first raffle will include pupils who make purchases at the Friday and Monday fairs, the winner will be announced on Tuesday. The second raffle will include pupils who make purchases during the Tuesday fair, with the lucky winner being announced on Wednesday. Both winners will need to visit the fair by Wednesday in order to spend their tokens.  

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Mulberry Spinebreakers Visit The Library

Our Mulberry class Spinebreakers headed to Harold Hill Library last week to choose a selection of new books to share with the pupils of Broadford. During their visit, they enjoyed reading some of the books the library had to offer - Jayden particularly liked Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey. He discovered that the pupils in your eyes are larger when in dim light and smaller in bright light!

Rowan Spinebreakers invited Theia along to the library to read and review some of the fantastic books borrowed from the library. Theia and Lorena heard the story of Bing's Birthday Party by Rebecca Gerlings. Lorena gave this story a 1-star-rating, whereas Theia gave it 5 stars! Thomas read and reviewed Elizabeth Dales' Robot Gets it Wrong. All three reviews are now on display in the library - please take a look next time you visit.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

101 Dalmatians Project - Year 3

Our third group of year 3 pupils joined us yesterday for an afternoon of Dalmatian-fun. They were very creative with their mask-making; and thoroughly enjoyed their tasty paw-print biscuits.

Friday, 4 October 2019

Book Blogger Of The Week - Nicole

This week our Book Blogger of the Week is Nicole with her review of Prince Cinders. Nicole achieved full scores on both her vocabulary and comprehension quizzes - excellent!

The Book Fair Is Coming!

The Autumn Book Fair will take place from 3pm in the new hall on the following dates:

Friday 11th October
Monday 14th October
Tuesday 15th October
Wednesday 16th October

Every child who makes a purchase will be entered into a raffle where they could win book tokens to spend at the fair.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

101 Dalmatians Project - Year 3

Our 101 Dalmatian project continued yesterday afternoon with the second group of year 3 pupils. They decorated rich tea biscuits with icing and paw-prints made from chocolate buttons. They  created adorable dalmatian masks; and made posters for the lost puppies to be returned safely.