Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Premier Reading League - We Are Over Half Way Through!

There are just four more weeks remaining until the end of this term's Premier Reading League. Pupils from across KS2 have been working extremely hard to earn as many points as possible for their teams.

Currently in lead with 179 points is Unicorn Club! Team members, Emily Claydon, Diya Patel, Nikola Urban, Libby Northwood, Oliwia Bartnik and Courtney Simpson have been reading at every opportunity to earn extra points. Their team mascot is Mrs Charlesworth, who has been encouraging them to read at home and log their points in the library.

In a close second is The Reading Champs with 175 points. The team is made up of year three pupils, James Olatunji, Nina Joshi, Amandeep Ubhi, Dora Lewis, Alice Adedipe and Elliot Cottam, they are led by team mascot, Mrs Chance.

It is important to bring your reading record along with you to the library when you change your books, from here your points can be collected for your group.

Not in lead? Not a problem!
Earning points could not be easier! One point is awarded for each book, or for every 100 pages read. Three points is rewarded for writing a book review (why not complete the ones in the front of your reading record?!) and six points will be given for completing a review using MyBookBlog - if you're not sure how, ask you teacher or visit the library.

Good luck to all those currently taking part!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Harry Potter Course - Gryffindor Round

Our Harry Potter Course members recently took part in the first of six quizzes to be held at Mead across the year. They joined the members at Mead and were put into four teams:

Gryffindor: Timi-David, Ramone and Eryia
Hufflepuff: Amelia, Sonia and Simran
Ravenclaw: Naleli and Aaliyah
Slytherin: Fayo and Tyler

In this round - The Gryffindor Round - they were competing for a Gryffindor House badge.
The afternoon was broken down into five mini quizzes. They were tested on their ability to complete 3 puzzles in less than 6 minutes; reorganise the names of popular characters and match them to their pictures; answer questions based on the first Harry Potter film; order scenes from the film; and match Harry Potter words to the correct meanings.

For each mini round, the groups could earn points; the quicker they completed the tasks, and the more questions they answered correctly, the more points they received. At the end of the quiz all the points were collected and counted - and the scores were...

Character Names
Character Puzzles
Film 1 Quiz
Scene Ordering
Total Points:

Naleli and Aaliyah were the winners, along with their Mead team. They received the first of five badges to be won! Well done to all the pupils who took part. The next Harry Potter afternoon will take place on Thursday 7th December.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Book Fair - Thank You To Our Wonderful Helpers!

A huge thank you to Lilly Reynolds, Freddie Lewis, Bradley Joy and Alisha March! They did a brilliant job of organising and running the book fair after school. All in all, they reached sales of £863.72, the highest amount for our school in over a decade! Our rewards value came in at £518.23 - this is money we can spend on books for our school. 

They will be in charge of running the book fair when it returns in the Spring Term.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Last Night For The Book Fair

Tonight is your last opportunity to visit the Book Fair. The Spinebreakers will be setting up in the small hall ready for you to visit after school. There is still a huge variety of books available - some costing as little as £1.99!

Please come along and help the Spinebreakers make this Book Fair a success!

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Oliwia Bartnik who is our GOLDEN TICKET winner!!
We look forward to seeing you after school spend your £15 worth of book tokens!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Join Us At The Book Fair Tonight!


The Spinebreakers' first night of the fair was a success, reaching sales of over £400!

Lilly and Alisha helped to give away the goodie bags to our first 15 customers.
A winner hasn't come forward yet, so please make sure you check your goodie bag for the
Golden Ticket!

The Spinebreakers helped to set up the hall by organising an area for books that were heavily reduced; a place for all the stationery and posters; and displayed signs around the building reminding parents where they were based. Freddie and Bradley welcomed customers with biscuits and helped children to find the books they were looking for.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

KS1 Returning Books Raffle - Autumn 1 Winners!

Congratulations to Nicole Alao, Charlie Bott and Amelia Barnett!

They are the lucky winners of this term's Returning Books Raffle! They will each choose a book from the Book Fair as their prize. They will be presented with their book in tomorrow's E for Excellence assembly.

Well done to everyone who returned their books over the past few weeks. The raffle will return after the half term break.