Friday, 28 November 2014

Spinebreakers' Competition Ends Next Week!

Years 1 and 2!
If you have a spare hour this weekend, why not enter the Spinebreakers' competition? Read the blogpost and watch the video to see how you can enter...
The closing date is Thursday 4th December, if you would like to enter drop your work into the library or pass it on to your class Spinebreakers. Good luck!

Premier Reading League Winners - Autumn 2014

After twelve weeks of collecting points for reading and reviewing books the winners of the Premier Reading League have been announced!
The team in 1st place, with a total of 335 points, are The Boss with team members, Uthman, Success, Hakeem, Bailey and Daniel. With just a difference of 7 points, in second place are Prince, Leo, Bryan, Natalie and Lucy, who make up team, The Purple Hand Gang.
The two remaining tickets went to Samson who earned a total of 84 points and Endurance who collected 75 points. The twelve winners will be rewarded with a trip to Upton Park in January where they will watch West Ham play against Hull.
Well done to all the teams who participated in this term's competition. Look out for the reading challenge when it returns in the new year.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Book Club's Trip To See Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The Musical

On Wednesday 12th November the Book Club took a trip to London to watch the Charlie and the Chocolate Musical at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Here they tell you about their favourite parts and characters...

Premier Reading League - Winners To Be Announced This Week!

You have until Thursday to collect as many points for your teams as possible. So far, you have collectively earned over 1000 points!
The winners of the reading challenge will be announced on Friday. As previously mentioned, the prize of a trip to West Ham's home-ground has been delayed until 17th January 2015 when West Ham play against Hull.

More Children Enter The Spinebreakers' Competition!

Callum has created a wonderful piece of art for the Spinebreakers' competition. Well done Callum!

Sydney has worked so hard at home to make a fantastic scarecrow with a straw filling, hat, scarf and hand-made clothes! Excellent effort Sydney!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Our First Scarecrow!

Sky has been very busy at home this week making a scarecrow for the Spinebreakers' competition. Well done Sky!
The Spinebreakers are looking forward to seeing more of your scarecrows so don't forget to hand them in at the library or pass them onto your class Spinebreaker. The closing date for the competition is Thursday 4th December 2014, to find out more click here.

New Books - Paddington Bear Collection

For more than 50 years, stories of Paddington Bear have been loved by children (and adults) all over the world. Read Paddington's adventures by borrowing the latest books we have to offer.
Picture books suitable for younger children;
Paddington - Paperback - 9780007236336 - Michael Bond
The very first story in the series, this book tells the story of how Paddington came to meet Mr and Mrs Brown at Paddington Station.
Paddington Goes for Gold - Hardback - 9780007427727 - Michael Bond
Paddington Goes for Gold
This book was released to celebrate the London Olympics in 2012. Paddington joins the Brown family on a local sports day, but no matter what Paddington does nothing goes quite as planned!
Paddington and the Christmas Surprise
Paddington and the Christmas Surprise
Paddington visits the Christmas Grotto at their local store. Their journey through the Winter Wonderland is full of surprises but the biggest surprise of all is Paddington's present from Santa.
 Paddington in the Garden
Paddington in the Garden
The nicest thing for Paddington about living with the Brown family is sharing their wonderful garden. There are some unexpected results for Paddington during National Garden Week. 
 Paddington and the Grand Tour
Paddington and the Grand Tour
Paddington is prepared for the day ahead, with a suitcase packed with marmalade sandwiches and Mrs Bird's umbrella in case in rains. He sets off for a day trip across London with his friend, Mr Gruber.
Paddington at the Carnival 
Paddington at the Carnival
Paddington enters the Busy Bee Adventure Trail hoping to win a boat trip for two. He discovers that he is very good at spotting things beginning with the letter B, but he is not the only one with his eye on the prize.
Story books for confident readers in year 2 and above;
Bear Called Paddington
The Browns meet a small bear at Paddington Station whilst waiting to collect their daughter Judy. They decide the best thing to do is take the little bear home, but they soon discover that ordinary tasks like taking a bath or travelling on the underground can turn quite extraordinary when a bear is involved!
More About Paddington
Paddington causes chaos as he attempts home decorating, detective work and photography.
Paddington Helps Out
Even when trying to be help the Brown family, Paddington still manages to create chaos!
Paddington Abroad
Paddington is organising a trip abroad for the Brown family, but Mrs Brown worries that, with Paddington in charge, there is no knowing where they will end up!
With Paddington appearing on the big screen in less than two weeks, why not visit the Paddington website to find out more about the creator, Michael Bond and the watch the trailer for the film.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hand Your Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Reading Logs In Today!

Well done to everyone who took part in the National Literacy's 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Magical Reading Tour'. A combined total of 190 hours of reading were completed by 19 children from years 1 to year 6!
Well done to Summer-Rose Trew, Paige McGeoghan, Thomas Brown, Sergiu Babaianu, Alisha March, Abyan Abidin, Sienna Nickson, Teni-Adu, Georgia Brooks, Sofia Ehihon, Harry Vincent, Suada Cacaj, Chloe Trew, Razvan Gabreanu, Sophie Nickson, Tahani Towe-Enu, Terrika Wright, Emma Groom and Ella-Louise Floyd! 
If you have a completed reading log then please drop it into the library by the end of the day.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Premier Reading League - Change To West Ham Game

The fixture has now changed for the game we had planned to watch on Saturday 6th December to the Sunday, as this may make the trip more difficult for some children to attend we have reserved tickets for the West Ham game against Hull on Saturday 17th January 2015. The competition will still continue as planned, with the winners being announced on Friday 28th November.

KS1 Spinebreakers Challenge - The Scarecrows' Wedding

Following their trip to Waterstones (see blogpost), our Key Stage One Spinebreakers have come up with an exciting challenge for Years 1 and 2 to take part in. The competition is linked to the book Lilly chose, The Scarecrows' Wedding. Here the Spinebreakers tell you more about their competition and how to enter...

So to remind you...

To enter you will need to create one of the following;
1. Draw your favourite part or character from the book
2. Create a scarecrow from card, play dough, sticks, fabric... just make sure it fits in your school bag!
3. Design an invitation for the Scarecrows' wedding

The closing date for this competition is Thursday 4th December, the Spinebreakers will giving away a copy of the book, along with a certificate, activity pack and stickers to the two children who they think have been the most creative.

Please drop your entries into the library or pass them onto your class Spinebreakers.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

KS1 Spinebreakers Interview Leigh Hobbs

When Leigh Hobbs visited Broadford, our Key Stage One Spinebreakers took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his work...

October and November Issues of Aquila Magazine Now In!

We have the latest issues of Aquila Magazine on display in the library.
What's in October's Issue...
- Battling with Bacteria and Fungi
- Growing King Oyster Mushrooms
- Can Mushrooms Save the Planet?
- Make 25 words or more from FUNGOPHOBIA and you could win a copy of Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe
- Win a Laser Pegs Helicopter by spotting the made-up helicopter name
What's in November's Issue...
- The Science of Sound
- Make a Designer Diddley Bow
- The Truth About Dyslexia
- The Sound of a Fairground
- Win a copy of Write and Draw Your Own Comics by creating a comic strip of no more than three frames - you decide on the subject
Look out for Word Morphs, Anagrams, Spot the Differences, Jokes and Brain Feeders in both issues.
They are to be read in the library and not to be taken home. If you would like a copy of any of the featured articles or games and puzzles then please let me know and will make you a copy.

Monday, 3 November 2014

New Books For Key Stage One!

We have two new books for our Key Stage One children to enjoy...
Once Upon an Alphabet, Short Stories for all the Letters, from writer and illustrator, Oliver Jeffers.
This books contains 26 short stories - an adventure from A to Z. Oliver Jeffers introduces a host of new characters, from Edmund the astronaut with his awkward fear of heights to the new dynamic duo that is Owl and the Octopus.

Blown Away, by Rob Biddulph
This penguin travels will thrill and delight! Be taken on a unexpected journey with a fearless blue penguin and meet the friends he makes along the way. A captivating and gloriously illustrated story about good ideas and homesickness.

Premier Reading League - Just Four Weeks Until The Competition Ends!

There are twelve weeks left until the Premier Reading League comes to an end. Over one thousand points have been collected in the last eight weeks from the twelve teams that are taking part! Don't forget for each book you read you will earn one point and for each book review you complete you will be rewarded with three points for your team - the league table is up in the library so take a look to see who is at the top next time you visit.
In three weeks the league table will be taken down and for the last week points will be collected in secret, the winning teams and individual players will be announced on Friday 28th November, with their prize being a trip to watch West Ham play against Swansea City on Saturday 6th December 2014. 

Chtitty Chitty Bang Bang Reading Competiton Ends Soon!

Next week the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang competition will come to an end, if you have a completed reading log to hand in then please do so before Thursday 13th November. If you haven't yet picked up a reading log and would still like to enter there is plenty of time left.
To complete the reading log you need to read for a total of 10 hours - that's just an hour a day if you pick up a sheet today - you could break the hour up during the day by reading for twenty minutes before school, twenty minutes during school and then twenty after school. 
For completing the challenge you will be awarded with a certificate and be entered into a national prize draw where you could win an eReader, book vouchers, a copy of the full Chitty Chitty Bang Bang series, original artwork from the Chitty illustrator Joe Berger and a school makeover for the library (£500 worth of books from Macmillan Children's Books).