Monday, 30 April 2018

Jack Dempsey Shares 'The Story Of The Little Mole, Who Knew It Was None Of His Business' For National Share-A-Story Month

Tomorrow is the start of May, and it's National Share-A-Story Month! To celebrate, we will be uploading videos to YouTube of our pupils reading books from our school library. Visit the library blog everyday at 6pm to watch the latest video!

Click on the link below to watch Jack share a story for National Share-A-Story Month.

Jack And Archie Dempsey Share 'The Queen's Hat' For National Share-A-Story Month

Tomorrow is the start of May, and it's National Share-A-Story Month! To celebrate, we will be uploading videos to YouTube of our pupils reading books from our school library. Visit the library blog everyday at 6pm to watch the latest video!

Click on the link below to watch Jack and Archie share a story for National Share-A-Story Month.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Year 2 Spinebreakers Visit Waterstones!

Yesterday, the year 2 Spinebreakers took their turn in visiting Romford's Waterstones store to choose some new titles for our library.

Aaliyah-Shae picked two books suitable for pupils across EYFS and KS1. Her first choice was one of the latest releases from Abie Longstaff, The Fairytale Hairdresser and Aladdin. Aaliyah-Shae's second pick was Peppa Pig's I Love You, Mummy Pig. Both books are extremely glittery - I can see why they appealed to her!

Freddie thought this book about Space was so interesting! Throughout the book are flaps to lift and facts to discover. Freddie's second choice was, Dinosaur Roar!

Like Aaliyah-Shae, Katlyn was drawn in by Abie Longstaff's bright and sparkly illustrations, making The Fairytale Hairdresser and the Little Mermaid her first choice. After browsing the shelves, Katlyn chose Izzy Gizmo from author, Pip Jones.

Blake was excited about his visit and was originally planning on buying a Dogman book. However, with so many wonderful books available, he soon changed his mind. His picks were Rob Biddulph's Kevin, and There is no Dragon in this Story!

After their task of picking fantastic new books, the Spinebreakers were treated to Hot Chocolates and sweet treats in Costa.

The final group to visit Waterstones will be the year 1 Spinebreakers. Their trip has been arranged for Thursday 28th June. 

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Update: The Usborne Sponsored Read

The response for the Usborne Sponsored Read has been incredible! Pupils from Reception through to Year 6 have helped raise more than £500.

Well done, and thank you, to...
Ruby Welch for reading for 205 minutes, raising £55.
Frankie Barrick for his £35 contribution - he read for 210 minutes in total.
Ehan Mollah was sponsored £5 to read for 180 minutes.
Danny Howe for his £30 donation.
Finally, Apple, Aspen and Alder class have been collecting money this week, adding an additional £43.43 to our total.

Once the money is handed over to Mrs Ayres we will beginning the process of selecting and ordering new books for our library.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Update: The Usborne Sponsored Read

We have had more sponsorship forms and money handed in since yesterday.

Thank you to...
Megan Lewis who was sponsored to read for 55 minutes, Megan has raised £10.
Peter Joy was also sponsored £10 - fantastic!
Aksanan Jegathas read for 120, raising £5.
Amelia Barnett was sponsored my 14 people. Amelia read every evening after school for a total of 215 minutes, raising £122!

Amazing reading efforts by all! Thank you to all who have participated. The money raised will be handed over to Mrs Ayres in the next few days. Mrs Ayres will then let us know how much we have earned to spend on new books for our school.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Update: The Usborne Sponsored Read

Thank you to those who returned their sponsorship forms and money in today.

Well done to Freddie Lewis who was sponsored to read for 65 minutes.
Blake Maddox in year 2 has been reading every night for more than 30 minutes. His family sponsored him a total of £80! That brings our overall total to £196.

Tomorrow is the last day to hand your sponsorship money in at the office or to Mrs McFarlane in the library.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Summer Term Premier Reading League - Sign Up Now!

You can sign up to take part in the Summer Term reading league now.

Last term was the first time we had introduced the reading league to pupils in KS1. We found it to be very successful, with more and more pupils wanting to participate. With that in mind we have decided to add an extra KS1 member to the teams, meaning you'll have five KS2 pupils, two KS1 pupils and one adult mascot.

The point system will remain the same - you'll earn 2 points for each book or 100 pages you read; 1 point for each newspaper, magazine or comic read; 3 points will be awarded when you complete a book review (these can be collected from the library); and finally 6 points will be given when you complete a book using your personal Book Blog account.

All pupils should be familiar with how My Book Blog works, but if you require any further information please do not hesitate to visit the library and speak to Mrs McFarlane.

You will be able to start collecting points from Monday 23rd April. The closing date will be Thursday 28 June, with the winners being announced in the Friday's assembly.

The Premier Reading League Winners Celebrate Their Success!

The Spring Term PRL Winners enjoyed a trip to Romford on Wednesday where they were joined by their team mascot, Miss Hubbard. For coming first in the 10 week reading challenge the team were rewarded with a trip of their choice. Together they decided on a morning of bowling at the Namco Centre, followed by lunch at Kaspa's.

Over the 10 week challenge, the team recorded their reading points daily; completed book reviews and signed in to their book blogs to complete comprehension tasks - all in all this helped them win the league with a total of 967 points.

The Usborne Sponsored Read

Your child should have recently received a sponsorship form to help raise funds for new books for our school. If you have completed the form at home, can we please ask that you hand it in at the office or to Mrs McFarlane in the library by Tuesday 24th April 2018. Thank you.

A huge well done to...

Shirangi Zala for reading every night! Her reading success has helped her raise £10.

Elsie-Rose Elson-Skehill was sponsored £26 by her family members and pet cat, Summer, to read for 60 minutes.

Hannah Wellings raised £21 by reading for a total of 120 minutes.

Florence Ayres spent 210 minutes of her time reading to raise £9.

Courtney Simpson and Charlie Simpson have both been sponsored by their family to read at home - raising £40 between them.

Together they have raised more than £100! Certificates will be awarded to all pupils who have participated in next week's assembly.

Broadford University: Fashionistas!

The Fashionistas of Broadford have been working extremely hard over the last term to create beautiful hand-painted bags and hair accessories. Each week saw them build upon a new skill. From the very first session, they have demonstrated how well they can work as a team by supporting others in the group who found various aspects of the task challenging.

From starting out by sketching the most basic of Unicorns, the girls have now produced very artistic designs that they will be able to bring home and use again and again.

During the last session the group made positive notes, which they popped in each bag, highlighting what they loved about each design.


Thursday, 19 April 2018

Sibel Beadle Visits Broadford!

Local children's author, Sibel Beadle, visited Broadford today to share her collection of stories with our year 1 - 3 Spinebreakers.

Sibel started writing stories for her young daughters via text messages
when they went away on holidays with their father. Sibel kept the messages and used them to write her own stories. She now has three stories in her collection and is in the process of publishing a further two. Her enjoyment of camping and travelling the UK with her daughters has aided her ability to develop her tales - adding detail to the settings she features.

Her books are available to purchase from Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmiths.

Sibel set the Spinebreakers the task of creating a character for one of her new stories. She asked them to come up with a character from Brazil who was a son or daughter of a King or Queen. A character who visited London on their holidays, but was saddened to discover their pet parrot had escaped. The children had to think careful about who their character would be, what their personality would be like; and what magical powers they would have in order to help them track down their beloved pet. Once complete, Sibel introduced four new characters to the children - these characters helped them verbally develop their stories, adding humor and adventure.

Laura named her character, Ellie. With a wise head on her shoulders and a friendly, generous personality, Ellie has the power to speak to animals and fly! Ethan named his character Spotty. He spent time making sure his character looked the part by adding lots of detail! 

Thoughtful, clever, beautiful, kind, imaginative and active are just some of the words Nicole used to describe her character, Mia. With the power to fly, Nicole thought her character would be reunite with her parrot as they flew over the ocean! Iyinope's creation was a V.I.P! With the name, Gold, she is amazing, funny, and crazy!

Alexa is the character Hannah thought of. She wanted her to have the power to change people into frogs. She decided that this power would be perfect for her story as it would help Alexa save her parrot from the person who may have found it. Archie's character, Ella, will bring humor to his story with her fun and happy personality.

Aaliyah-Shae added lots of detail to her character. She knew by having a smart character would aid in the recovery of her precious pet parrot. Like in Sibel's stories, Freddie character is a witch with a broomstick - a broomstick that will help her to travel through the story setting and locate the missing creature.

A kind-natured girl with the power to become invisible was Katlyn's creation. Blake thought long and hard about his character. He wanted it to have the power to be able to shrink, fly and lift extremely heavy objects! Blake decided the best place for his character to be reunited with his parrot would be in the Amazon Rainforest.

Florence's female character has the ability to fly unaided; and with the use of her magic carpet! Vinnie's plan is to have a cool character called Oscar - someone who is interested in pirates; can talk to animals; has the use of a hover board and has the ability to see clearly during the night!

An animal-lover is Roxy's idea - a female character called Isabelle who has the ability to talk to animals - an ability she feels will help her to discover where her parrot has disappeared to. Finally, Zac wanted a petit, cheerful, kind and caring main character, Diego, who has the power to control objects.

I'm sure you'll agree, the Spinebreakers have worked extremely hard to make each of their characters
interesting and unique.

Peter Rabbit At The Cinema!

The years 1, 2 and 3 Spinebreakers visited Romford on Tuesday to watch the newly released film of Peter Rabbit.

Set among the surrounding areas of Mr Gregor's Garden, the film introduced us to the mischievous  nature of Beatrix Potter's character, Peter; his cousin, and friend, Benjamin Bunny; and three siblings, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail.

The Spinebreakers thought the film was brilliant - with some VERY funny parts to it!
It's a thumbs-up from them!

Watch the film trailer below...