Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Key Stage One Spinebreakers Review The Princess And The Peas

Yesterday our KS1 Spinebreakers met for the fourth time to read and review another iBook. This time they heard the story of Lilly-Rose May who takes a dislike to peas. Her father is determined to make her eat them, so he blends them into soups and smoothies, bakes them in cakes and hides them in puddings! Lilly-Rose May refuses to eat them so a doctor is called who diagnoses her as a Princess! She is sent away to the Palace, but being a Princess is not at all that Lilly-Rose May expected!
Find out what our Spinebreakers thought here.

Monday, 29 September 2014

New Books - Ladybird Tales

Our Ladybird Classics have been extremely popular with both KS1 and 2 this term so we have purchased 19 new Ladybird Tales to add to the collection.

Titles include Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Rumpelstiltskin, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Three Little Pigs, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, The Enormous Turnip, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Magic Porridge Pot, The Three Bears, The Princess and the Frog, Hansel and Gretel, Dick Whittington, Chicken Licken and The Big Pancake.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Key Stage One Spinebreakers Review Leigh Hobbs' 'Hooray For Horrible Harriet'

With Leigh Hobbs visiting Broadford in a few weeks the Spinebreakers thought it was the perfect time to read a couple of his picture books.
The first was 'Old Tom's Big Book of Beauty' - the story of Angela Throgmorton and her pet cat, Old Tom. Angela adores Old Tom but believes there is room for improvement, so she gives him 'The Big Book of Beauty'. Old Tom is transformed and sees less and less of poor Angela as he becomes a regular at star-studded events.
Secondly, they heard the story of Horrible Harriet who (after making no friends at school) decides to create one at home. She adds lots of secret ingredients to her Chicken Surprise, then with an almighty BOOM! Out pops Mr Chicken! Harriet is thrilled to have a new friend, but will he be just as naughty as Harriet?
Here the Spinebreakers review 'Hooray for Horrible Harriet'.
There are a selection of Leigh Hobbs books in the library, take a look next time you visit.

Friday, 19 September 2014

David Walliams - An Extract From New Book 'Awful Auntie'

Be the first to read an extract from David Walliams' new book 'Awful Auntie', due to be released 25th September!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Key Stage One Spinebreakers Review 'The Cow That Laid An Egg'

Our KS1 Spinebreakers were busy yesterday reviewing Andy Cutbill's 'The Cow That Laid an Egg'. Adam and Paige created an audioBoo to tell you more about the story, they both thought it was truly EGGcellent! Listen to their audioBoo here.
Ramone and Emily drew pictures of the main character Majorie and all of the chickens that secretly hid the egg in Majorie's bed whilst she slept. Cruz and Lilly agreed that Majorie was their favourite character, with Arya and Sydney describing her as large, black with white patches and funny! 

Get Caught Reading Competition - Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Jack Eve who has won the Get Caught Reading competition! Jack was caught reading during a visit to Buckingham Palace. He has been rewarded with a £10 book token!
Emily Claydon, Ellis Curtis-Rich, Leo Mbata and Alisha March were our runners-up, and each received a £5 book token! Well done to all that entered and shared their fantastic pictures.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Key Stage One Spinebreakers - Review 'Supertato'

Our new KS1 Spinebreakers met for the first time this afternoon to review Sue Hendra's book, Supertato. They viewed the story on the library's television using the iPad. Adam and Paige worked together after the story to draw their favourite characters, whilst Lilly and Cruz described Supertato as being cool, fabulous and strong with shiny teeth! Ramone and Emily agreed that their favourite part was when Supertato rescued all of the vegetables for the evil pea!

Arya and Sydney recorded a review of the book using audioBoo, listen to it here.
Over the coming weeks the Spinebreakers will continue to meet each week to review more ibooks on the iPad.

Premier Reading League Starts Today!

The Premier Reading League kicks off today, we have had two teams sign up already and lots of team sheets taken from the library. You can sign up at any point during the reading challenge, just remember, the sooner you sign up the sooner you can start collecting points!
Pick up a team sheet from the library today! Good luck!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Out Of This World Poetry Competition

Young Writers have launched, Out of this World, a new poetry competition open to all 4-11 year-olds. To enter you need to create a poem (no more than 30 lines) - there is no theme, so you can write about whatever you want! Check out www.youngwriters.co.uk/competitions/out-of-this-world to download an ideas sheet for inspiration.
The competition will close on 24th October, so if you have an entry then please hand it in no later than 17th October so we can send it off. Anyone who enters will receive an Out of this World sticker. We can only send one piece of work off, so please make sure it's your best piece!
The best school in series will receive a prize of £1000, with the best poet receiving a £10 book token. You will also earn a certificate and bookmark.
If you would like to take part please visit the library to collect a Pupil Entry Form, you will need to attach this to your completed poem before handing it in.
Good luck!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Early Years and KS1 Returning Books Raffle Begins Monday!

The KS1 Returning Books Raffle starts this Monday. Each time you borrow, read and return a library book you will receive a raffle ticket with your name on to be placed into your class raffle box. The closing date for earning tickets is Friday 17th October. A ticket will be chosen at random from each class box, with the winning pupils receiving a book of their choice.
Nursery and Reception pupils will be able to get involved this year. Each time they visit the library they will earn a ticket for their box, winners will also be selected at random on Friday 17th October - they too will be able to choose a book of their choice. 

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Magical Reading Tour - Pick Up A Driver's Log Today!

In the original story, the magical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car takes the Pott family on a very special journey. To take part in the competition, children will go on their very own magical reading tour, spending time reading, both at home and at school, in order to fuel Chitty’s tank.

For every 10 minutes they spend reading, children will earn one litre of fuel for the tank, 10 hours (or 60 litres!) in total. They will record their reading in their very own 'Driver’s Log', and every child who successfully fills Chitty’s fuel tank and completes their magical reading tour will be entered into a national prize draw.
One child will be randomly selected as the winner from all entries submitted. They will receive:
an eReader, book vouchers, a copy of the full Chitty Chitty Bang Bang series, original artwork from Chitty illustrator Joe Berger, a 'school library makeover' for their school (£500 worth of books of their choice from Macmillan Children's Books' catalogue to revamp the library).

Five runners up will also receive a copy of Ian Fleming’s original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang series as well as signed copies of the three Chitty sequels by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, children will also be invited to write a short story about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s next adventure, based on a story starter from none other than Frank Cottrell Boyce (author of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again and two further Chitty sequels) for the chance to win more great prizes.
The winner of the bonus category, “Chitty’s next adventure”, will be chosen by panel of judges and will receive an eReader, book vouchers and a copy of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang series.

Premier Reading League - Sign Up Today!

After a very successful first year, The Premier Reading League is back! Visit the library today and pick up a team sheet to get started. Your team will be able to begin collecting points from Monday 8th September. The challenge will run for 12 weeks, with the winning teams and individual players being announced on Friday 28th November. Last year's challenge saw an increase in book loans and over 8000 book reviews created using AudioBoo and Junior Librarian!
If your new to Key Stage two, here is how it works;
First you create a team of five members (including yourself), you give your team a name and design a team badge.
For each book you read you will earn 1 point and for each book review you record or write you will earn 3 points. You will need to show Miss Sparkes your reading record - so make sure you have a parent sign to say you have finished your book. The points will be collected on a sheet and will be updated on the reading league table every Friday afternoon. The pupil who has earned the most points for each week will feature on the library blog and will receive a sweet treat!
The challenge will run for 12 weeks, during the last week the reading league table will be removed from the library and pupils will continue to collect points in secret. The two teams with the most points at the end of the challenge will win tickets to watch West Ham play against Swansea City on Saturday 6th December 2014. There are also two extra tickets up for grabs for the two pupils who have earned the most points but whose teams are not in the top two.
Please note: You need to earn at least 12 points for your team, if you haven't achieved this by the end of the challenge and your team win then your ticket will go to someone else.
Take a look at our winning pupils from last year's challenges who earned tickets to watch West Ham play against Sunderland and Crystal Palace and those who won a trip to tour the Emirates Stadium...


How To Catch A Star Colouring Competition

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of How to Catch a Star we are holding a colouring competition for our pupils in Apple and Aspen. They will begin visiting the library in their groups from Monday; during their first visit they will hear some of the brilliant stories that Oliver Jeffers has created. On returning to class they will each receive a colouring sheet to complete at home or in school. They have until Friday 26th September to hand their completed sheets into their class teacher. Two winning pupils will each receive a copy of How To Catch a Star. Good luck!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Get Caught Reading Competition - There's Still Time To Enter!

We have had a brilliant response to our Summer reading challenge, with so many of you sharing your photos over the holiday. But, there's no need to panic if you haven't yet taken part as we still have until Friday 12 September to enter! Simply share your photos via Facebook or hand them in at the library when you return to school.
Check out all the super photos we've received below...