Monday, 30 September 2013

Spinebreakers For Broadford

You may have remembered last year when David and Leah wrote to publishers around the country asking for unpublished books to read and review. We were sent out a selection of books immediately. To follow on from there we have created the role of two Spinebreakers per key stage two class. Their first task has been to record their reading and write a few reviews in their reading packs.
Over the coming weeks they will begin work on displaying their reviews in the books they have read and will create individual fact files, giving tips on reading and their thoughts on what makes a good book. The Spinebreakers will be given the opportunity to create their own reading challenges and will promote books, new and old, to their fellow classmates.
The Spinebreakers have been chosen for their keen interest in reading. New members will be selected each term, the autumn term Spinebreakers are;
Rowan - Shyanne and Bryan
Ash - Deborah and Teddy
Birch - Thelma and Kieran
Willow - Kirsty and Uthman
Maple - Terrika and Nathan
Elm - Daniella and Fawaz

Friday, 27 September 2013

Super Readers - Olivia Shares 'Maisy Tidies Up'

Here we have Olivia sharing the story of one of her favourite characters, Maisy. Well done Olivia!

Week Two - The Premier Reading Challenge

We had a new team sign up this week,
All Time Champions - Prince, Lebohang, Natalie, Jaseem, Athenkosi and Harry

Our two top teams this week are Premier Legends and All Stars! Premier Legends have worked extremely hard this week, collecting a total of 55 points! If you've only just signed up, don't worry there is plenty of time to catch up with them!

The player of the week is Daniel who wrote 8 book reviews on his Junior Librarian account.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

New Books For Year 1

We have a large pile of new books to share with year one when they visit the library. We have fantastic stories from Anthony Browne and Valerie Thomas, including Winnie the Witch, who turns her poor cat Wilbur into a rainbow of colours!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Challenge Of The Week - Name The Authors

Rearrange the letters to reveal the names of these popular children's authors.
1. amJei hmoTnso
Winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2012 for his series of books, Dark Lord.

2. dniE Byntol
Writer of 186 books, this author has produced series including, The Famous Five and The Faraway Tree.

3. znenaSu linlsCo
 Best known as the author of The New York Times best selling series The Hunger Games trilogy.

4. yTrre Draey
Working alongside illustrator, Martin Brown, this author has retold history in a series of horrible ways!
5. nhtonAy Hwrioots
Creator of the Alex Rider series.
1. Jamie Thomson, 2. Enid Blyton, 3. Suzanne Collins, 4. Terry Deary, 5. Anthony Horowitz

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Summer Holiday Reading Challenges

During the holidays children were given the chance to earn themselves some tasty treats by completing some book reviews and mini challenges. On Friday, most of the pupils who took part received their treats. A huge well done to Daniel, Samson, Peiyce, Kieran, Nathan, Jacob, Natalie, Thelma, Emily, Fitzroy, Michael and Jack.
We also ran a Get Caught Reading Challenge. Our winner, Saffron, was announced on Friday. Thank you to all that entered.

Monday, 23 September 2013

New Books For Year 2

Some classic tales for year 2 to read in their groups when they visit. Stories include, The Hundred Mile-an-Hour Dog, The Disappearing Moon, George's Marvellous Medicine, Bad Cat, Good Cat and Little Red Riding Hood.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Super Readers - Fawaz Reads The Opening Chapters To 'Doughnut Dilemma'

The Premier Reading League has been a hit this week, with a total of 125 points being collected! Fawaz, a member of The Reading Empire team, offered to share a football book that he thought would be good to read while taking part in the challenge.

Week One - The Premier Reading Challenge
We have had four more teams sign up this week;
The Reading League - Dylan H, Bailey, Terrika, Nathan, Dylan P and Sophie
The Leopard Girls - Dara, Gabriella, Nika, Suzi, Lucy and Wiktoria
The Champions - Chloe, George, Kye, Teddy, Emily, Ben
West Hammers - Samuel, Simona, Isaac, Samson, Holly and Thelma
The All Stars Book Demolishers are taking lead at the moment with 37 points. Close behind, in joint second are Premier Legends and Reading Empire with 30 points each.
The players of the week are Fletcher and Jack, who have both read and reviewed three books each. Well done to everyone who is taking part, keep up the hard work!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Challenge Of The Week - Bear Stories

With our shelves packed with cute, cuddly bear stories can you answer the questions below?

1. The front cover of this new book is a little blurry.
Jessica is woken in the middle of the night by a magical light that enters her room. She is surprised to find a chest of toys at end of the bed. Inside the chest is a teddy bear wrapped in brown paper packaging and tied with a silky, red ribbon.
Can you work out what the book is?

2. Sleepy Douglas goes in search to find a hug. After scaring a few sheep and causing a wise owl to fall from his tree, Dougless is lead back to his cave. Can you remember who is there to give him a great big bear hug?
3. Watch the clip of Sienna reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

What did the yellow duck see?
4. A family go in search for a bear. They walk through long, wavy grass. Swishy Swashy! Swishy Swashy! They have to go through a big, dark wood. Stumble Trip! Stumble Trip!
But, what sound does it make when they go through the deep, cold river?
5. All these bear characters have something in common. Can you guess what they like to eat?
1. Brown Paper Bear, 2. His Mum, 3. A Blue Horse, 4. Splash Splosh! Splash Splosh! 5. Honey

Monday, 16 September 2013

New Books - Stories For Key Stage One

We have had lots of new bear stories added to the library to support Aspen, Fern, Pine and Mulberry's topic work.
There are extra copies of Peace At Last, Whatever Next and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? As well as new stories like, The Snow Bear, The Tough Teddies, Bruna, and About A Bear. We look forward to sharing the stories in class and in the library!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Super Readers - Lillie Reads 'About A Bear'

Year one's topic this term is all to with bears. We have been listening to bear stories when we visit the library. So far we have enjoyed hearing about Douglas and his search for a hug, as well as Bernard who is desperate to stay up late!
Lillie liked telling the story of this not-so-little bear and all the things he likes to do! Good job Lillie!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Premier Reading League - Win Tickets To A West Ham Match!

We have 12 tickets up for grabs to watch West Ham play against Sunderland on December 16th.
To take part...
Create a team of six players and give yourself a team name.
For each book that is read your team will earn one point, for each review you write on our Junior Librarian account online your team will earn three points. You have until December 6th to collect as many points as you can. On the last day the two top teams, with the most points, will receive the winning tickets!
We have had 8 teams sign up already, with the following players...
Reading Empire - Tyler, Junior, Charlie, Fawaz, Kieran and Toby
West Ham Bandits - Jamari, Sandra, Lenny, Kirsty, Alex and Tolu
Exploding TNT -Hakeem, Daniel, William, Spoencer, Johnny and Uthman
Diamond Dashes - Sophie, Daisy, Maria, Kieran, Reece and Olamide
Black Hearts - Emma, Ella-Louise, Drew, Joseph, Kieran and Lucy
The Warriors - Albie, Matthew, Sian, John, Alfie and Holly
All Stars Book Demolishers - Fletcher, Daniella, Summer, Jack, James and Holly
Premier Legends - Yinka, Harry, Adam, Kingsley, Jordan and Kynan
The teams are already off to a flying start, some pupils gave up their golden time to gain a few extra points!
To make the competition fair, each book that is read needs to be signed off in the player's reading record. Don't forget, you can review books on your Junior Librarian account at home by visiting
Your username is your full name, all lowercase with no spaces and your password is, broadford.
There will be a second round in the Spring term, where you'll be aiming to win tickets to watch West Ham play against Crystal Palace.
You can create a team at any time during the competition. Every Friday on the Super Reader blog post I will update you on new teams, players of the week and where teams are on the league table. Good luck!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Key Stage One Library Books

This week, children in years one and two have been visiting the library in their groups to listen to a story and choose books to take home. For those who are new to borrowing books from the library, once they have read their book at home they can return it to the library in exchange for another. For each book they return, they receive a raffle ticket. The ticket is posted into their class post box, then at the end of each half term a winner is selected from each key stage one class. The more times your child brings their book back, the more chance they have of winning! By returning their books they will also earn points on their class library tracker card, which could help them to win a book for their class at the end of the term.
Don't forget, you can log onto our librarian site at home to view what book your child is currently reading, help them to write reviews and reserve books. To log on, simply follow the link...
The username is your child's full name, all lowercase with no spaces. The password is 'broadford' this is the same for all pupils.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Class Library Tracker Cards

New to the library this year are class tracker cards.
Each child can collect a maximum of seven points, they receive one point for each of the following;
- Borrow, read and return 6 books
- Record a Super Reader video
- Write a review on our librarian site
- Attend the library in a group/club
- Create an AudioBoo
- Complete a challenge or competition
- Recommend a book to a friend
For any pupil that earns five out of the seven points will receive a bookmark. At the end of the school term the points will be added up, and the class with the most will receive a new book to share during their story time.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Super Readers - Bradley Reads 'Bored Claude'

The fish start gardening to make their home look neat, but Claude finds gardening boring! When the garden is finished the fish decide to have a party to celebrate all their hard work, but Claude isn't invited. At home, sad and alone he comes up with a plan to impress the fish and to be a little more helpful. Lovely reading Bradley, well done!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

New Books - The Dork Diaries Collection - Win A Copy Of How To Dork Your Diary!

New to our library shelves this term are four books from the collection of the Dork Diaries, a girl's version of the popular. Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
To promote the use of our new, updated version of the librarian software we are giving away a copy of the Dork Diaries How to Dork Your Diary.
To be in with a chance of winning the book, read one of the books on offer then write a review on the librarian site. To access your account, follow the link...
The username is your full name, all lowercase with no spaces.
The password is 'broadford' this is the same for all pupils.
The best review will be chosen on Thursday 24th October. Good luck!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

World Book Day QR Code Quiz - Q9

What word is missing from the title of this book?