Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Children's Laureate - Malorie Blackman

Last week, author Malorie Blackman was crowned the Children's Laureate 2013-2015. To celebrate her achievement we have put together a display of her books in our library, here you can find out more about the author and use the QR Code to visit the Children's Laureate website.

An order has been placed for more books so I will let you know when they arrive. Until then we have the following books available;

Cloud Busting
Despite his Mum’s insistence, Sam doesn’t want to be friends with Davey, he thinks Davey’s a first class, grade A, top of the dung heap moron. But one day Davey saves Sam’s life and a bond is formed between them. Sam is still embarrassed to be seen with Davey, but little by little he has to admit, when it’s just the two of them, Davey is a lot of fun. But then something terrible happens to Davey. . . Told in verse, in first person, this is the touching story of an extraordinary friendship, that changes two boys lives for ever. An uplifting tale that truly sings out.

Blindfolded, alone, no idea where you are or what will happen next. The only thing you know is that you’ve been kidnapped. And it’s up to you to escape. Are you brave enough?

Lydia’s last thought before darkness closed over her mind was that the strange, swirling storm had trapped her. Would it ever let her go? Fleeing onto the moors when she is unfairly accused of being a thief an extraordinary storm suddenly whirls twelve-year-old Lydia into the future – a computer-dominated future where her home town is ruled by a cruel tyrant. As Lydia struggles to get back to her own time, she discovers she must face a terrible confrontation . . .

The words exploded from me in a burst of white-hot anger. ‘It’s a lie.’It’s a normal Friday evening for Elliot – until the police knock on the door and tell him his mum’s in serious trouble! A security video clearly shows her breaking into a giant pharmaceutical company on behalf of the environmental action group A. N. T. I. D. O. T. E. Elliot can hardly believe it. His mum’s a secretary, isn’t she? Not a SPY! And even worse – now she’s gone on the run . . .

Clip on the video below to watch a short animation celebrating the success of the author.

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