Thursday, 13 June 2013

New In - Picture Books

This week we have had four new books added to our library;

Keith The Cat With The Magic Hat
All the other cats laugh when an ice cream lands on poor Keith's head. But he quickly decides it's really a magic hat. His friends are really impressed with his magical abilities, but when his hat falls off his head how will he save them all from a fierce dog? Luckily, Keith soon discovers that magic is still possible even when he isn't wearing his ice-cream hat.
This exciting picture book follows the life of Superkid. Always there to help in times of trouble, saving you from pirates, bullies and plates of broccoli!
No-Bot The Robot With No Bottom!
From the author of Aliens Love Underpants, this is the story of a robot who leaves his bottom at the park. After realising its missing he searches everywhere, taking on the help of a bear and bird. Finally, he finds what he is looking for in a very unusual place.
Pirates Love Underpants
All aboard Black Bloom as the pirates go on an adventure to far away lands looking for golden pants. A story packed with sharks in fancy pants, snapping crocodiles and buried treasure!

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