Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Challenge Of The Week - Peace At Last

The challenge this week is to answer some questions about the story, Peace At Last. Our Super Reader, Ellie, read this story back in the Spring term, use the video to help you answers the questions.
Good luck!
1. Who was the author of this story?
She has featured as one of our Amazing Authors, creating stories for younger and older children. Her best-selling series follow a family of elephants called The Large Family.
2. The bear family were so tired they went up to bed, but poor Mr Bear couldn't sleep!
Do you know why?

3. After being kept awake by Baby Bears aeroplane noises, Mr bear decided to make his way to what room?
4. It was a little cold outside and VERY noisy! Mr Bear made his way to his car where it was a little more comfortable. He was just falling asleep when... what happened?

5. Back in the house Mrs Bear and Baby Bear were fast asleep. Mr Bear returned to his room, snuggled into bed and said?
1. Jill Murphy, 2. Mrs Bear was snoring, 3. The living room, 4. The sun came up and the birds started to sing, 5. Peace at last!

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