Thursday, 20 March 2014

Readathon Reading Chains

Readathon have created a fun reading chain resource that we will be using in our library. Begin by picking up a Reading Chain starter sheet and make a note of the book you have read with the title and author. Next, fill in the mini review section, include your name, what you liked about the book, whether you would recommend it and give it a mark out of five. Then, pass the sheet and book on to a friend for them to complete the next mini review. Keep the chain going by passing the book on for others to read! I look forward to seeing what book will have the longest chain!
Check out the reading chain here...
Reading chains have already started for Horrid Henry's Underpants, Frankie's Magic Football and the Crew, Skellig, Cool and Horrid Henry's Nits. Take a look next time you visit.

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