Thursday, 13 March 2014

New Books And Signed Petr Horacek Books For Sale!

We have been kindly donated a large selection of books for our school library! The books were passed on to us by a parent of an ex-pupil. There is something for everyone!
We have some brand new Horrible History, Horrible Science and Horrible Geography books. As well as a huge pile of Dead Famous books and some from the Knowledge series covering a range of topics!
There are new titles for our KS1 area, including Hairy Maclary's Bone, Father Christmas, Clifford the Big Red Dog, One Snowy Night, Duck in the Truck and Dinosaurs in Underpants.
Finally, the donation included a great selection of books that have been put aside for our Read At Home books for KS1. They include a series of  Disney stories, Nick Junior and Winnie the Pooh books. Children in KS1 will be able to bring these books home to read.
On Friday, Petr Horacek visited key stage one and shared some of the books he has created.
We still have 25 signed copies of his books for sale; 5 of each of the following...
Puffin Peter
What happens when Peter's best friend Paul goes missing? He goes to the ends of the earth to find him, of course!
My Elephant
He's fun. He's big. He's messy. He's ELEPHANT. And he's never too busy to play.
A New House for Mouse
How can Mouse fit a huge apple into her tiny home? By finding a new house, of course! Peep through the holes of the book to join her on her search.
Look Out, Suzy Goose
Suzy Goose has gone for a walk in the woods. But she's not alone. Who's following her into the trees?
Silly Suzy Goose
Ever wanted to be different? Suzy Goose has - she squawks like a toucan, swims like a seal and jumps like a kangaroo. But when she tries to roar like a lion, she gets more than she bargained for!
You can buy the books from the library.

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