Monday, 24 March 2014

Beast Quest and Rainbow Magic Reading Challenge Coming Soon!

The National Literacy Trust have announced their latest reading challenge!
When we return in the summer term we will be taking part in the Beast Quest and Rainbow Magic reading challenge that is aimed at both Key Stage one and two. For those children who take part, they will go on a journey through the world of Rainbow Magic's Rainspell Island or Beast Quest's Avantia. They will travel around their chosen world collecting points for time spent reading. To complete the task, children must read all of the books in the first Rainbow Magic series or all of the books in the first Beast Quest series.
We have ordered in two lots of each series which will be available to borrow once the challenge begins. For this challenge we ask that the children who wish to take part create a group of no more than 8. We will encourage pupils to get into mixed groups, with pupils from Keys Stage one and two. They will then be given a reading pack, which will include the book they are reading, a group reading log, a reading map and a club member card for each pupil. There will be a leader for each group who will be in charge of their reading pack; this pack can then be taken out with them during lunchtimes for them to complete.

Click on the images below to visit the Rainbow Magic and Beast Quest websites to find out more about the characters, play games, and complete the activities available.

Each child who reads their way to the end of their epic journey will receive a certificate and be entered into a national prize draw. Two winners (chosen at random) will receive:
- An eReader
- Book vouchers
- Rainbow Magic or Beast Quest merchandise
- A visit to their school from a Rainbow Fairy from the Rainbow Magic series or Wizard Aduro and Nanook from the Beast Quest series

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