Friday, 28 March 2014

Premier Reading League - Winners Announced!

With the chance to win tickets for an upcoming West Ham game against Crystal Palace, pupils in Key Stage 2 were keen on collecting points for reading and reviewing books. There was 12 tickets up for grabs, 10 for the two top teams and two extra tickets for the two individuals who earned the most points (whose teams were not in the top two). The 12 winners were announced today.

The top team with 799 points were Premier Dominations. The team members, Harry, Kingsley, Raheem, Jaseem and Prince were determined to win this league after their win last time! In second place were Yinka, Fletcher, Jack, Toby and Fawaz, who made up the team, Honey Pops FC. They hit the ground running when the competition started, staying at the top of the league for the first two weeks. The two extra tickets went to Endurance who earned 129 points and Samson with 116.

Check out the league tables showing the ten teams with the most points and the top readers...


Here are the winning pupils receiving their certificates in assembly...

The winners are looking forward to their trip - hopefully it will be an exciting game! The Premier Reading League will return in the Summer Term and will run for eight weeks. Teams will be earning points, aiming to win tickets for a stadium tour!

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