Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Challenge Of The Week - One For The Girls

Calling all girls! Can you name the titles of these popular books? Answers are at the bottom of the post.
1. Rachel Renee Russell has created a series of books, following the not-so-fabulous life of Nikki Maxwell. 
2. The Little Princess only wants one thing, but can you guess what? 
3. Enid  Blyton's famous character, Amelia, is up to no good again!
4. Jacqueline Wilson and Lydia Monks create a talented mermaid who is persuaded to join the circus.
5. Floss’s parents split up when she was younger and she now divides up her week, spending five days with her mum, her mum’s new boyfriend and her new baby half-brother. 
1. Dork Diaires, 2. I Want My Mum, 3. Amelia Jane Is Naughty Again!, 4. The Singing Mermaid, 5. Candyfloss

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