Thursday, 18 April 2013

Night Zoo Keeper Reading Torch Challenge

The Night Zoo Keeper Reading Torch is a new challenge for pupils from years 1 to 6. Each child that enters will be given their very own Reading Torch for them to use as they embark on their after-hours rounds of the Night Zoo. In order to see all of the magical animals they will need to power up their special torch along the way.

For every 15 minutes your child spends reading they will earn 10,000 watts of power for their torch. During the challenge they will come across some wonderful animals, including Florence Flaming and Old Sea Lion General! Once they have collected 360,000 reading watts, and have read for a total of nine hours they would have completed their rounds of the zoo and will receive a certificate, as well as being entered into a national prize draw.
The challenge will run from now until the 28th of June. Pick up your reading torch from the library today and start reading!

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