Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Challenge Of The Week - The Large Family

Our Amazing Author for last half term was Jill Murphy, so the challenge of the week is linked to her collection of picture books about a family of elephants named, The Large Family. Good luck!
Five Minutes Peace
Mrs Large only wanted five minutes peace, not much to ask for! She filled her tray with her breakfast and made her way upstairs to take a soak in the bath. Unfortunately, her peace was broken as all her children joined her!
1. What did the baby forget to do when she got in the bath?
A Quiet Night In
To celebrate Mr Large's birthday, Mrs Large prepared a delicious dinner for him. The children were already for bed when Mr Large returned home from a hard day at work.
2. What did the children ask Mr Large to do for them before they went to bed?
All In One Piece
It's the annual dinner and dance and Mr and Mrs Large are looking forward to a night out, away from the children. There is chaos in the house again! The older children fill Mrs Large's best tights with toys, whilst the baby covers her face with makeup!
3. They think they have left the house all in one piece, but what has happened to Mrs Large's dress?
A Piece Of Cake
Mrs Large decides that the whole family need to go on a diet. Each night they eat healthy meals like, carrots and sardines, followed by a jogs around the local park.
4. What did grandma send in the post, stopping them from eating healthy?
Mr Large In Charge
Mrs Large is feeling poorly, so Mr Large takes charge! He organises chores for the children, but they make so much noise, poor Mrs Large can't sleep.
5. What did Mr Large burn when he was too busy watching the football on TV?

1. Take her pyjamas off! 2. Read them a story, 3. She sat in paint so now it's on her dress! 4. A cake, 5. Lunch!

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