Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Challenge Of The Week - Family Favourites!

Use the clues under each picture to work out what stories these fantastic families are from. Answers are, as always, at the bottom of the page. Good luck!
1. Our favourite pair... this Gruffalo and his child may look very scary, but they are frightened of a little mouse!

2. Sophie and her mum and dad have no choice but to have dinner at a local cafĂ© after a greedy visitor eats all of their food! 

3. This family of elephants are in five different story books, can you name just one?
4. Peppa is very excited when she has a visitor late one night who leaves a nice shiny coin under her pillow.

5. We don't know the names of these characters, but we do know they go on a hunt for a big animal who is inside a narrow, gloomy cave!
1. The Gruffalo's Child, 2. The Tiger Who Came To Tea, 3. A Quiet Night In, Mr Large In Charge, All In One Piece, A Piece Of Cake Or Five Minutes Peace, 4. Peppa Pig and The Tooth Fairy, 5. We're Going On a Bear Hunt

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