Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Challenge Of The Week - The Hairy Scary Monster

This week's challenge is linked to our latest Super Reader, Natalie, and her story, Barry The Fish With Fingers and The Hairy Scary Monster. Watch the video here to help you answer the questions below. Good luck!
1. When time was running out where did Puffy the puffer fish quickly hide?
2. Why did Barry go into the shipwreck?
3. Who did Barry find crying?
4. Barry gave the hairy scary monster a haircut, what was the name of the seahorse hiding under all that hair?
5. What did they do with all the hair that Barry cut?

1. In a shipwreck, 2. To find the Hairy Scary Monster, 3. The Hairy Scary Monster, 4. Colin, 5. They had a hair-do!

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