Monday, 18 March 2013

Bookmark Winners Take A Trip To Waterstones!

On Friday 15th March, the winners of the Design a Bookmark Competition took a trip to Waterstones in Romford. As their prize, for winning the competition, they each picked a book of their choice. After choosing their books, they enjoyed juice and cornflake cakes in Costa whilst having a flick through their new books. Unfortunately, Sky could not join us for the trip, but we picked her up a book token instead.
After taking a look around the children's section everyone chose a book.
David, Beth and Terrika took a closer look at their books.

Enjoying the cake!

Charlie met us at the bookshop.

Sienna sharing her Hello Kitty book with Terrika.
With our new books!
On the bus :)
A thumbs up from Beth!

These are the winning bookmarks:
Charlie's amazing dinosaur and Sky's beautiful rainbow.

Sienna drew Jack and The Beanstalk, whilst Connor went for a bookworm design!
Broadford trees by Luis and 'I Love Reading' by Terrika. 

Beth's book-erupting volcano and David's 'Don't Stop Reading' designs.

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