Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Audio Boo Book Reviews

Recently in the library, we have been recording book reviews using the audioBoo App. So far four pupils have taken part, reviewing books for both Key Stage 1 and 2. Once published the reviews appear directly on the school blog. Quick Response Codes have been created and stuck on the back of the books, allowing pupils to scan them and listen to the views of others before borrowing the books themselves!

If you have a book that you wish to share your thoughts on then make a few notes and bring it along to the library to make a recording.

Things you might want to include in your review;

- The title and author of the book
- A brief description of the story
- Who was the main character and what were they like?
- What was your favourite part?
- Was there anything you disliked?
- How long it took you to read the book
- Who do you think would like to borrow this book, is it best suited to children in year 4 or 5?
- Is the book part of a series?

Listen to the reviews already created by clicking on the images below.


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