Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Challenge Of The Week - Jeremy Strong Quiz!

Following our visit from Jeremy Strong yesterday, our Challenge Of The Week is based around his work. To help you answer the questions take a look at yesterday's blog post...
As always the answers are at the bottom of the page. Good luck!
The first challenge - fill in the blanks to complete the titles of these popular stories that are new to our library this week.

1. My Brother's ...... Bottom Gets Pinched!

2. The ......-....-An-Hour Dog

3. Krankenstein's Crazy ..... Of Horror
For the second challenge - what story did I record Jeremy Strong reading in the library? Why did Jeremy choose to read this book?
The final task - during his session with KS1, Jeremy read a chapter from one of his books. Can you remember the title of that book?
Task 1 - 1. My Brother's Famous Bottom Gets Pinched! 2. The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog 3. Krankenstein's Crazy House Of Horror!
Task 2 - Shark In The Park. He chose this book because the author Nick Sharratt illustrated some of his books, including I'm Telling You They're Aliens!
Task 3 - Giant Jim and the Hurricane
Visit the library to pick up a Jeremy Strong worksheet to complete over the holiday.

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