Monday, 1 July 2013

Our Night Zoo Keepers Have Completed Their Rounds Of The Zoo!

Friday was the last day to hand your completed night torches in, overall we had 18 pupils who took part, reading for a total of 162 hours between them!
A huge well done to all who took part;
 Deborah Mushonga, Jackie Ramilingam, Emma Groom, Kieran Wright, Daniel Oluokun, Terrika Wright, Spencer Griffiths, Jaseem Miah, Hakeem Bakreen, Toby Adelowo, David Sangojinmi, Dara Adu, Gabriella Asllani, Kye Smethhurst, Raheem Miah, Kieran Dash, Natalie Towner and Daisy Paius.

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