Thursday, 4 July 2013

Jeremy Strong Competition and KS1 Returning Books Raffle Update

Jeremy Strong Competition
The year 5 book club have been very busy working on their magazine and promoting their competition to win a copy of, My Brother's Famous Bottom. If you haven't entered already, there is still time. The last day for entries will be on Thursday 11th July, to take part draw a character from one of the Jeremy Strong books and hand it in at the library or to one of the book club members. The winner will be selected on Friday 12th July. If your stuck for ideas of who to draw take a look in our selection of Jeremy's books or ask a book club member for help.
Members: Toby Adelewo, Dara Adu, Gabriella Asllani, Raheem Miah, Kingsley Onwuegbuzie and Liam Pearson
Key Stage One Returning Books Raffle
We have until Friday 19th July to collect as many raffle tickets as we can! Pine, Mulberry and Cedar have been trying really hard to remember to return their books on every visit.
Keep up the hard work! :)

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