Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Challenge Of The Week - Name That Book!

The front covers of these popular children's books are little blurry! Use the clues beneath each picture to work out what the story is. Good luck!
1. The large, colourful illustrations in this books are brilliant. I wonder what you'll SEE!

2. Timothy Pope takes his brand new telescope down to the park with his dad to check there are no mean sea creatures hanging around!
3. This shiny, sparkling fish lives in the sea with his shoal. One morning he wakes up late to find he is all alone!
4. The story of a little owl who everyone thinks is adorable, unfortunately this owl doesn't think so. He believes he is a sleek, mean, hunting machine!
5. A mermaid joins the circus to entertain the crowd with her beautiful voice, but she is missed by the crabs and fish down at Silversands.

1. Brown Bear Brown Bear What Can You See?, 2. Shark In The Park, 3. Bright Stanley, 4. I'm Not Cute!, 5. The Singing Mermaid

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