Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Broadford Big Read

After the Christmas break we started a reading challenge in our library. This is open to all of KS2, and will run to the end of the autumn term. We purchased a selection of new books that have been very popular and highly recommended!

It's nice to see so many have already joined in the challenge, but for those who haven't, this is how it works:

1. Visit the school library and choose a book, either one from our recommended reads or one of your choice.
2. Once you've read the book you complete a little challenge, it might be to describe a character or to write about your favourite part.
3. Return your book to the library with your challenge sheet.

You have to read six books and complete six challenges. After your first six are completed you receive a BRONZE certificate, you can stop there or read another six and earn yourself a SILVER certificate and if you read a further six more you get a GOLD certificate!

If you would like to find out more about some of the books included in our recommended reading list then click on the books below.


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