Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Awful End, Reviewed By Kirsty

After borrowing Awful End, by Philip Ardagh, Kirsty put together a wonderful booklet of information about two of the stories' characters. She described them in great detail and drew some beautiful illustrations. Well done Kirsty!

Kirsty's Fantastic Work...

Main Characters:
Mad Aunt Maud and Mad Uncle Jack

About Them:
Mad Aunt Maud is a very funny character. She makes everyone laugh, but she can be annoying sometimes! In the beginning they, Mad Aunt Maud and Mad Uncle Jack, went all crinkly around the edges. Mad Uncle Jack is not funny and does not make people laugh. He is always annoying. Most of the time they are not very happy. They always irritate people, no wonder people get annoyed with them! They both wear very old fashioned clothing. Mad Aunt Maud wears a flowery dress and Mad Uncle Jack wears boots and a flat cap. When they meet people they talk in a posh voice but they are not very posh when they speak to one another!

We have two copies of the Awful End, so why not visit the library and borrow a copy for yourself!

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