Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Challenge Of The Week - Name That Book!

The front covers of these popular Key Stage 2 books are a little blurry, use the clues to help you work out the titles of each book. Answers are at the bottom of the page. Good Luck!

1. Joey is a young farm horse, sold to the army at the beginning of the First World War. Through his eyes the reader experiences the devastation of the Western Front, his capture by the Germans and his entrapment in No Man's Land.

2. Greg Heffley is a normal American kid, one with a habit of getting into (and out of) trouble. His diary, complete with hilarious cartoons, records a year in his life and follows his relationships with his nerdy best friend Rowley, annoying brothers Roderick and Manny and long-suffering parents.

3. A young girl, not yet five years old, is already an exceptional child although her narrow-minded parents don't think so! When she goes to school at Crunchem Hall she meets the frightening and bullying headmistress, Agatha Trunchbull and witnesses her terrible temper.

4. New to the library this month. Welcome to Panem: its Capitol rules twelve satellite Districts, enslaving the populations as workers and controlling them through hunger.

5. A filthy old tramp who is a permanent resident of a particular bench in the park, certainly lives up to his name. However, his overwhelmingly awful whiff doesn't stop Chloe making friends with him and his dog. When it looks as though they may be run out of town she knows she has to do something and hides them in the garden shed.

1. War Horse, 2. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, 3. Matilda, 4. The Hunger Games, 5. Mr Stink

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