Friday, 19 October 2018

Year 2 Spinebreakers - Book Reviews Of The Fortnight!

Victoria, Kyriq and Amelia are the latest Spinebreakers to have visited Harold Hill Library. They were set with the task of choosing some books to read back at school that we haven't heard before.
Take a look at their choices here...

On returning to school, the Spinebreakers got to work - sharing their stories and writing book reviews. They chose to review Richard Byrne's book, The Case of the Red-Bottomed Robber. This book is quite a new release. It tells the story of a group of crayon classmates who keep having their drawings rubbed out. With the help of Sergeant Blue, their discover who the culprit is.

Both Srinika's and Amelia's reviews have been displayed on our 'We Are Reading' wall. The display changes fortnightly to show the books the Spinebreakers have borrowed - so keep an eye out next time you visit!

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