Thursday, 18 October 2018

Harry Potter Quiz 1 - Gryffindor Round

The pupils participating in this year's Harry Potter Course visited Mead yesterday to work with their team mates to compete in the first of six quizzes. This quiz focused on the first Harry Potter film/story - The Philosopher's Stone. Pupils were set five mini challenges across the afternoon. They were tested on their ability to identify and correctly name the characters; complete character puzzles in a set time; match vocabulary to the correct meaning; answer multiple choice questions; and organise images from the film into the order in which they appeared. The pupils were rewarded points for each round - these points were then collected in once all challenges had been completed.

The pupils were organised into house teams when they were selected for the course back in the Summer term...

Gryffindor: Arya, Joshua, Jessica, Jamie, Louis and Jacob
Ravenclaw: Bayleigh, Zac, Deborah, Amanda, Charlie and Lily
Hufflepuff: Amandeep, Paige, Gracee-May, Aminata, Ellie and Taruni
Slytherin: Emily, Alex, Sabeer, Maliha, Charlotte and Reinaldas

The scores for the first round are as follows...

Gryffindor: 73 points
Ravenclaw: 68 points
Hufflepuff: 61 points
Slytherin: 51 points

Well done to Gryffindor House! Each member was awarded with a Gryffindor badge. The next round will take place on Wednesday 12th December, pupils will be competing for the Ravenclaw badge!

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