Monday, 12 March 2018

World Book Day: Best Dressed 2018

We saw some amazing costumes on Friday in celebration of World Book Day. Here are the children who were voted best dressed for each class.

PM Nursery: Dominic Jordan made an excellent Umpa-Lumpa!

Nursery AM and Reception: We have Mackenzie Hanmore as Harry Potter, Thea-Rose Little as Cruella De Vil, Janiya Cousins as Repunzel and Lexie-Mae Dixon as an Umpa-Lumpa.

Year 1 and 2: Ellie Chalmer remained in character all day as the devious Cruella De Vil, we have Tyler Kelly as the Wizard of Oz's Scarecrow, Blake made a superb Gadabout the Great, Ella Hemsworth was Gangsta Granny and Amelia Davis shuffled along in her slim-fitting skirt as Nanny McPhee.

Year 3: Tommy Cressey added his Granddad's medal to his costume, making him a spectular Grandpa from David Walliams' Grandpa's Great Escape. Sabeer Rahman came dressed as Willy Wonka. 

Year 4 and 6: Some mean looking characters here! Ethan Gibbs was the Joker, sitting alongside Khaira Hascar as the Big Bad Wolf. We have a very angelic looking Sofia Raif as Mary Poppins. Arhaan Kaushal was the Lord of the Ring's Sauron - very impressive!

Year 5: Trinity Hawkes was the Mad-Hatter for the day, Armani Peek was the Demon Dentist and Leo Whiten was the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Well done to all those who won, they each received a book token and certificate for their efforts.

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