Monday, 26 March 2018

Visit The Book Fair After School Tonight!

The Spinebreakers will be hosting the second night of the Book Fair after school today. They will be based in the hall from 3pm. As mentioned on Friday, each pupil who purchases a book will receive a bag, if they find a carrot in their bag they will be the lucky winner of 12.50 to spend at the fair. Neither of the carrots have been found yet, so you are still in with a chance of winning! 

Our Book-Blogging Bunnies will be handing out treats to all who visit.

Don't forget to bring your National Book Tokens and World Book Day Tokens!

We would be grateful for your change!
We found there was a bit of a delay on Friday with regards to giving change. As we are a cashless system in school it can be quite difficult to gather enough change for such events like the Book Fair. With this in mind, we politely ask that you use coins if you can. Thank you! 

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