Monday, 11 December 2017

Premier Reading League Winners Announced!

Congratualtions to The Superstars!!
With a total of 555 points, Mr White and his team; Ameerah Bashir, Ella Lockhart, Florence Ayres, Summer Wingrove, Laicey McGeoghan and Dorrie Lewis, are the winners of the Autumn Term Premier Reading League! The last few days of the competition were very tense, with the top three teams fighting their way to the top of the league! As a reward for their reading efforts, they have been given the choice of places they would like to visit - last term's winners visited Kidspace, followed by lunch at Kaspars in Romford.

Join next term's Premier Reading League.
Start creating your new teams now, ready for the Spring Term competition in January. Like last time, your team will be made up of seven members - one to be an adult team mascot. However, unlike any league before, you will need five KS2 pupils in your team and one KS1 pupil. If you get stuck on who to choose from KS1, Mrs McFarlane, or your team mascot, will be on hand to help you. The league will run from Monday 8th January, until Friday 16th March 2017.

Don't forget to pick up a sign-up sheet from the library today!

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