Monday, 11 December 2017

Harry Potter Create A Spell Competition

Enter our spell-creating competition to earn a certificate and be in with the chance of winning some magical Harry Potter prizes. More than 60 pupils have entered already!

Closing date for entries is Thursday 14th December 2017. The winner will be announced in Friday's E for Excellence assembly. Entry forms can be collected from the Library.

Here are some of the spells created by Broadford's pupils so far...

Tran To Sa
By Fayo Ayodola
Cast your spell by saying:
Le Calios De Vosa
Cast this spell and your enemy will turn into a feather and then vanish into a puff of smoke!

By Diya Patel
Cast your spell by saying:
Alakaza, alakazoo make my wishes come true by granting a robot.
You can magic up a robot who is very intelligent and ask him questions for school, homework, life and tell him what to do.

Rainbow Snow
By Victoria Pawlak
Cast your spell by saying:
Rainbow Snow Abracadabra!
This magical spell makes rainbow flowers fall from the sky like snowflakes.

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