Friday, 15 September 2017

Get Caught Reading Winners 2017

Congratulations to our winners of this Summer's Get Caught Reading competition! There was a total of 92 photos shared of our pupils and staff reading in locations stretching from Cuba, all the way to India! We've seen children reading while hanging upside down; enjoying stories while relaxing in exotic locations; and on a whole host of fantastic inflatables!

The map above shows all the places where children and teachers were caught reading.

As you can image, choosing a winner from each Key Stage, and a runner-up, was quite a challenge! However, after much deliberation we finally reached a decision...

Key Stage One Winner: Leah Sharpe was spotted reading while taking a break in a lorry. 

Key Stage One Runner-Up: Ethan Carruth was discovered sound asleep after an exhausting read the night before.

Key Stage Two Winner: Connor Robinson was spotted reading a story to two Stormtroopers.

Key Stage Two Runner-Up: Caitlin Bowden was caught reading at Dover Castle and with her head in the stocks in Stratford-Upon-Avon!

Well done to everyone who took part. The Get Caught Reading competition will return next Summer.

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