Tuesday, 3 June 2014

WW1 Reading Challenge - Start Earning Your Medals Today!

Take part in our new WW1 reading challenge today!
 We remember the soldiers who fought in WW1 one hundreds on by purchasing a selection of fiction and non-fiction books to support this new challenge. Simply read your way through three of the books to earn yourself a reading medal.

All of our WW1 linked texts are on display and available to borrow from today!
Take a look at some of the new titles available to borrow...
The Story of the First World War
The First World War destroyed 21 million lives. It conjures up images of barbed wire, muddy trenches, blasted tree trunks and shell-pocketed battlefields. This book asks what caused it, what it was like to fight, and why it is still remembered with horror a hundred years after it began.
World War 1 Tales - The Pigeon Spy
Two hundred US soldiers are trapped behind enemy lines. The Germans are firing on them. Their own side is dropping shells on them. Their only hope is to get a message out before it's too late. Can on heroic homing pigeon make it 25 miles through enemy territory in time?
World War 1
From deadly battles at Verdun, Ypres and the Somme to the first fighter planes taking to the skies; German U-Boat blockades; rationing on the home front and the 'dreadful duo' of Hindenburg and Lendendorff, this book tells all about the Great War.
Private Peaceful
From the battlefields of the First World War, Thomas Peaceful relives memories of his childhood and family life in the countryside. But the clock ticks on, and every moment spent remembering the past brings Thomas closer to the one that will change his life forever.
Archie's War
Archie was ten years old in 1914 when his uncle gave him this scrapbook. the empty pages soon began to fill with characters Archie made up and stories about his family and home in the East End of London. A few months later the First World War broke out and Archie's world started to change. But he kept with his scrapbook, a unique history of one young person's life during the Great War.
Brother's at War
At the turn of the 20th century four brothers were born to the Baker family, Lionel, Arthur, Maurice and Harold. Over a hundred years later, Eliza, one of Arthur's great-grandchildren, and her mother, Sarah, decided to find out about these ancestors. They delved into the past to uncover for themselves the story of Lionel, Arthur, Maurice and Harold during the First World War.
You Want to be in the Trenches in World War One!
Get ready as a new army recruit you are about the be sent 'up the line' and discover how tough life is in the trenches. It's appalling!
The Story of World War One for Children
Discover the First World War - a conflict so vast that it was once called the 'war to end all wars'.
Frightful First World War
Discover all the gory details about the Frightful First World War, including why a pair of old socks gave away top German secrets and what the 'Fat King' did with food scraps and dead horses.
The Only Girl in the World
When Dennis, a young English soldier fighting in France, meets Helene, theirs is a love at first sight - a secret love. He begs her to wait for his return. But as the was grows more violent, Helene's anxiety increases. is her loyalty in vain? Will Dennis come back to her?
Soldier Dog
It's 1917. In the trenches of France, miles from home, Stanley is a boy fighting a man's war. He is a dog handler, whose dog must be so loyal that he will cross no-man's-land alone under heavy fire to return to Stanley's side, carrying a message that could save countless lives. But this journey is fraught with danger, and only the bravest will survive.

Want to know more about the First World War?
Click on the soldiers above to visit the BBC website and find out more about joining the army in 1914 and what the soldier's lives were like.

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