Friday, 20 June 2014

Tom Palmer's 'Foul Play: Brazil' - A World Cup Adventure - Chapter 8 (You Decide!)

What happens next in the story is up to you, pick you favourite storyline from the three options below. Once you have made your decision let Miss Sparkes know and we will send our votes off to Tom Palmer. 
Option one:
Charlotte and Danny don't meet Beacon, because it is a very bad idea to meet people you have 'met' on the Internet. But they do speak by email. It is clear that he is a brilliant blogger with lots of readers. They agree to go back into the Amazon to gather information about the animals for him to use in his blog. But their flight back to the Amazon crashes and our two heroes are pitched into a terrifying survival story, hunted by both deadly animals and old enemy of Danny's who is determined to destroy the Amazon rainforest to make billions - and working with MANU.
Option two:
Beacon is not a real blogger. He is in league with MANU. His blog is a trap for Danny and Charlotte. He tries to hand over Danny and Charlotte to the ghost woman. Charlotte is captured. Danny gets away. Then MANU contact Danny to say he can have Charlotte back if he hands over their bottles he took when he escaped from them. These chapters will be mostly in a city setting.
Option three:
Danny and Charlotte tell the police about what they have found out and - now that there is less civil unrest in Brazil - the police listen and together they catch MANU. Danny and Charlotte then decide to go and watch the Costa Rica game, hoping that England can stay in the tournament. Somehow. Because if England go out, they will have to go home and back to school.
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