Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Challenge Of The Week - The Gruffalo

On Friday, Reception visited Thorndon Country Park to hunt for The Gruffalo and the rest of the story characters. Here is a little challenge for them. Good luck! The answers follow the quiz, scroll all the way to the bottom to listen to the story. 

 1. Can you name the three animals that the mouse saw as he strolled through the deep dark wood?

2. What colour are the prickles on The Gruffalo's back?

3. Where does the owl live?

4. What does The Gruffalo say the mouse would taste good on?

5. 'I hear a hiss in the leaves ahead' - what animal is it?

1. A Fox, Owl and Snake, 2. Purple, 3. In his tree top house , 4. A slice of bread, 5. A snake!

 Listen to Jude reading The Gruffalo on click on the book to visit cbeebies to hear the story.

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