Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Challenge Of The Week - Name These KS2 Book Characters

Below are some interesting characters, use the clues to help you name them.
1. This poor boy has a mean, grumpy old grouch as a grandma. When it's medicine time for his grandma he decides to concoct a bubbling, marvellous mixture to send her through the roof! 
2. This young boy is flat, he can slide under doors and be used as a kite. He has visited friends across the world by being posted in an envelope!
3. An untrained dog who runs super fast! She doesn't know her own name or the meaning of STOP!

4.This character was created by Jacqueline Wilson and can now be watched on TV. In her series of books she is looked after in a care home, which she calls, The Dumping Ground. She has a wild imagination and regularly breaks the rules.
5. A teenage super spy working for MI6. His stories are action-packed and full of adventures and gadgets.
1. George, 2. Stanley, 3. Streaker, 4. Tracy Beaker, 5. Alex Rider

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