Monday, 6 March 2017

World Book Day - Best Dressed 2017

Well done to the following children who were nominated 'Best Dressed' for World Book Day 2017.
Reception: Ellie Chalmers, Isla Saunders, Charlie Blott, Frankie Barrick, Jessica Mersh and Livi Middleton
Year 1: Tilly Butler, Blake Maddox, Lily O'Leary and Freddie Little
Year 2: Vinnie O'Leary, Bayleigh Parsons, Ruben Roberts and Florence Ayres
Year 3: Tyler Wager, Sofia Raif, Chloe Marshall and Charlie Randall
Year 4: Emily Claydon, Sacha Raif, Chloe Kirk, Joshua Kaylor, Mia Gallagher and Yugurtha Aityounes

Year 5: Arhaan Kaushal, Ellie-Mae Wager, Alisha March and Ethan Gibbs

Year 6: Plamen Vasilev, Ellie-Jo Stapleton, Brandonlee Bundy and Rose-Anna Weaver

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