Friday, 20 May 2016

Spinebreakers Choose New Books From Waterstones

The Year 4 and Maple Class Spinebreakers took a trip into Romford yesterday to visit Waterstones. They were given the opportunity to choose two new books each for the school library...

Teni chose two titles from Cathy Cassidy's collection, Fortune Cookie and Broken Heart Club.

Ty enjoys stories with a bit of humour, so he chose Tom Gate's Top of the Class and The Twits by Roadl Dahl.

Jack had done quite a bit of research before the trip and had a list of books he wanted to look out for. In the end he went with David Walliams' new book, The World's Worst Children and Sarah Lean's Hero.

Georgia's picks were, Ice Lolly by Jean Ure and Flying Fergus.

Another fantastic story by Roadl Dahl, Danny went for Danny the Champion of the World and Kes Gray's Jack Beechwhistle Attack of the Giant Slugs!

Having read the first book in the series, Temira was eager to get Danger is Everywhere. As a fan of Zoella, she was also keen to read Girl Online on Tour.

After the difficult task of choosing books from the wide selection Waterstones had to offer, they enjoyed hot chocolates and cake.

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