Friday, 3 July 2015

New Books - RSPCA's Stories Based On Real-Life Rescues

We purchased a couple of the RSPCA's animal rescue books earlier on in the year, and due to their popularity we have ordered in more stories from the series. Titles include;

- A Snowy Robin Rescue
'Evan and Hannah have found a robin in the snow. It's not moving, and they soon realise that the tiny robin is stuck! They call the RSPCA and an inspector arrives to help. It's snowing heavily and they need to act fast.'

- The Abandoned Kitten
'The RSPCA have received some very secail patients. Three newborn kittens have been abandoned in a storm. They need urgent care, and Lily's mum - an RSPCA worker - takes hem home so she can feed hem through the night. But the smallst one is weak and struggling to eat... can Lily help the tiny tabby get better?'

- Lamb All Alone
'It's been raining for days and Ben's village has flooded. Luckily, the RSPCA are on hand to rescue the sheep near his home, Ben and his family rush to help! But not all the sheep have been herded to safety. A tiny lamb has been left behind.'

- Little Lost Hedgehog
'Grace has found a tiny hedgehog in her garden. It's lost and hungry, and needs urgent care. The RSPCA know just what to do, but they need Grace and her family to look after the hedgehog until they arrive. With time running out, can they all work together to save theis animal in need?'

- Puppy Gets Stuck
'Emily's new puppy Pickle is adorable. Then one day, Pickle goes missing, and it's too dangerous for Emily and her family to try and rescue him. This is a job for the RSPCA - but they're going to need Emily's help.'

- Little Owl Needs a Home
'Josh ahs made an unexpected discovery - four baby owls! Their home has been destroyed, and now the tiny owls have nowhere to live. The RSPCA rush to the rescue, but they know these birds belong in the wild. Can Josh help find a new home for the owls?'

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